Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Treasure Chest Tuesday -- 1798 Marriage Record of Robert Bury and Jane Haslam in Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire

This week's Tuesday's Treasure is the 1798 marriage record for Robert Bury and Jane Haslam  in Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, England:

The Bury-Haslam marriage record:

The transcription of this record is (handwritten entries in italics):

No 1332: Robert Bury of th is Parish        Weaver     
and Jane Haslam of this parish   Spinster      were
Married in this  Church by                           banns                          
this  twentyeighth  Day of  Nov.  in the Year One Thousand   seven  Hundred
and  ninety eight       By me    F. Foldlds

This Marriage was solemnized between Us {    Robert Bury          
                                                                      {   the mark + of Jane Haslam
in the Presence of    {   Ralph Harrison
                                 {   Will^m Orrell

The source citation for this record is:

"Parish Records for St. Peter's, Bolton-le-Moors (Lancashire)," on 12 FHL BRITISH Microfilms, citing originals filmed by Manchester Public Libraries, 1958, Marriages, 1792-1816 - FHL BRITISH Film [559,180]; Year 1798, Page 333, No. 1332, Jane Haslam and Robert Bury marriage record.

Jane Haslam (1780-1834) was the daughter of James Haslam and Betty Harrison, and was christened 20 August 1780 in St. Peter's church in Bolton-le-Moors in Lancashire.

This is Jane Haslam's first marriage, to Robert Bury (1775-1806), on 28 November 1798 in St. Peter's church in Bolton-le-Moors. 

Jane (Haslam) (Bury) Morley is my wife's third great-grandmother, who was the mother of Rachel Morley (1821-1861) who married Alexander Whittle (1818-1853) in 1840.


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Nancy said...

I like your source citation, Randy. I'm assuming you added this record to RootsMagic. If so, what title did you give this source/citation? Thanks.

Randy Seaver said...

Hi Nancy,

I did add this to my RootsMagic database. My "Title" for this source is "St. Peter's, Bolton-le-Moors, Parish Registers 1587-1838 "

I used a free-form source template for it so that it transfers well from RM to other programs and online trees.

Cheers -- Randy

Nancy said...

Thanks for answering my question, Randy. I have one more. Will you (or would you) use this source for other records if you found more records for ancestors in it, such as baptisms for this couple's children, etc.? And what if another record from this source had one document with several people's names on it (such as a baptism that has the child's name and the parents' names) -- would you create one citation and would you be able to use that for all the people on the record, even if the source is so broad? I'm still trying to figure out how to use sources and make citations when the source may have five our six different records for several different individuals per record. It seems like I'm not able to use a specific citation (such as baptism record) more than once. Something is not clicking in my brain with this, or maybe, when there are so many different records/source, I should create a title that's more specific to the individual. You are one person I know will have figured this out. Thanks.

Randy Seaver said...


In RootsMagic, there are two fields for each source citation with a name. The "Master source" field is the "container" - for the portion of the citation that will always be used for any number of records in the "Master source." In this case, that "Master source" field has:

"Parish Records for St. Peter's, Bolton-le-Moors (Lancashire)," on 12 FHL BRITISH Microfilms, citing originals filmed by Manchester Public Libraries, 1958

The "Source Details" is for a given record in the container. The "source details" field for this citation has:

Marriages, 1792-1816 - FHL BRITISH Film [559,180]; Year 1798, Page 333, No. 1332, Jane Haslam and Robert Bury marriage record

I can use the "Master source" for any record in the document (or book or whatever) by naming the part of the source, the film number, year, page, item number, persons involved, date of event, etc.

So in this case, I can, and have, use the master source for for any marriage entry in the specific church book for different entries for specific individuals - all I have to do is change the page number, name, date, etc.

The church might have other "books" (say "Baptisms") with different date ranges, and that would have a different "Master source."

This source citation, of a church record book on a microfilm, is fairly complex. A published book source citation is a lot easier to understand. The master source would be author, title, publication information, and the detail source would be the page number and the person's name and event.

I hope that helps -- Randy

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation, Randy. This corresponds to my understanding of how the master sources and citations work. I had hoped that a citation could be used more than once (say, for a child (baptism info) and for the parents (relationship info) but I guess not. You probably know RootsMagic as well as anyone and would have known if this were possible. I appreciate the time you've taken to answer my questions and your willingness to share your knowledge. Thank you!

Randy Seaver said...

The identical source citation could be used for the relationship of a child to parents, asl ong as the parents are named in the record for the child. I do that all the time with records that name parents, such as the Social Security Applications and Claims database on Ancestry, Pennsylvania Death Certificates, etc.

Nancy said...

Thanks again, Randy. Your explanation and example of how you create a citation were awesomely helpful.

I was hoping not to have to create a second source citation when both child and parents are on the same record but I guess so. It's all good.

Many thanks!