Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Rest of the George W. Seaver Story - Part II: More Newspaper Articles

I wrote Seavers in the News -- George W. Seaver Disappears in 1899 last week about a man disappearing from his home in Santa Monica, California.  It was an interesting story, and I found no other newspaper articles about him in the online newspaper resources that I searched.

On Monday, I wrote The Rest of the George W. Seaver Story - Part I with several newspaper articles provided by Barry Sheldon, a professional researcher who was able to access digital newspaper articles that I do not have access to at this time.

Since then, several more articles have come to light from Barry and from Kathy Duncan (another correspondent).  They include (again presented without transcription) herein in chronological order:

1)  Los Angeles Herald, 29 September 1897 (from both Kathy and Barry):

This is before the Crocker divorce - Lida threw a party for friends and "Mr. Seaver" (very likely George W.) was in attendance.

2)  El Paso Daily-Herald, 1 August 1898 (from Kathy):

This is another article about the marriage in Yuma, Arizona.

3)  Los Angeles Daily Times, 23 May 1899 (provided by Barry):

A man thought he saw George and the dog, and the Knights of Pythias organized a search.  Friends tried to understand why George left his home.

4)  Los Angeles Herald, 24 June 1899 (provided by Kathy):

So she finally got a letter from George.

5)  Los Angeles Sunday Times, 10 September 1899 (provided by Barry):

It appears that George has not returned home by 10 September 1899, and his wife takes her two Crocker children to Oakland.  An interesting record pops up in Oakland two months later - just saying!

6)  Riverside Daily Press, 21 May 1918 (provided by Barry):
19 years later, in May 1918, George W. Seaver is "furloughed" from the Soldiers Home in Los Angeles because he spoke badly about an organization.  He dies five months later.

Those are the additional newspaper articles I have as of today, save for one.  I will use the last one in my "Seavers in the News" post on Thursday.  Of course, there may be more articles available!

My thanks to Barry Sheldon and Kathy Duncan for their efforts to help solve the marriage, disappearance and other mysteries.  Crowdsourcing works great because each of us searches for records differently.  I appreciate that Barry and Kathy have taken the time to search for George W. Seaver.

Isn't it amazing what can be found for a person or a family in the historical newspapers?  Fortunately, we have many historical newspapers digitized at this time, but unfortunately it is a fairly small percentage of all historical newspaper pages.

UPDATED:  5:45 p.m. on 7 February to include article #4 from Kathy.


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