Tuesday, March 27, 2018

MyHeritageDNA Provides Download of All DNA Match Shared Segments

In addition to the chromosome browser announced several months ago, and the one-to-many chromosome browser announced at RootsTech, MyHeritageDNA now permits a download of all of your shared segments of all of your current DNA matches.

1)  On my DNA Matches page, I saw the "Advanced options" feature and expanded it to see two options (in red area below):

[Note that I have whited out the names and tree owner of my first DNA match above]

2)  The first option is to:  "Export entire DNA matches list:"

I clicked the "OK" button to have them send me an email with the information.

3)  The second option is to:  Export shared segments with all DNA Matches list:

I clicked the "OK" button to have them send me an email with the information.

4)  It took only a minute or two to receive the two emails with a ZIP file of the information.  Here is one of the emails:

A ZIP file was attached, which I downloaded to my MyHeritageDNA file folder.

5)  I opened it and saw a read-only comma delimited text file that can be imported to my spreadsheet program:

6)  I clicked on the "OK" button to open my spreadsheet program and saw (with the match names whited out):

For each person (all 3,354 of them) on my DNAIt is listed with the closest match, in terms of centiMorgans) listed first.  The file provides the shared DNA segments by chromosome number.  The columns are:

*  Chromosome number
*  Start location
*  End location
*  Start RSID
*  End RSID
*  Centimorgans
*  SNPs

I'll leave it to the experts to decipher what all that means.

7)  What I do know is that if one or more of my DNA matches match the same area on a specific chromosome with me, then we are related, especially if the chromosome segment length is significant (like 20 cM or more).  

There are 7,123 lines in this file of my 3,354 DNA matches.  The smallest segment downloaded is 8 cM.

8)  First, I need to save my Shared DNA Segments file as a spreadsheet file - I use OpenOffice Calc, so it will be an .ODS file.  

This is just the beginning of what a researcher can do with this file.  This presentation is really helpful, but even more helpful would be to see who matches on a specific chromosome in a specific segment.

Since this is a spreadsheet, the data can be sorted by chromosome and by Start location to accomplish the desire to see who matches on a specific chromosome in a specific segment.

I'll work with the spreadsheet in another blog post.


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