Monday, August 6, 2018

Information About ICAPGen (International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists)

I received this information from ICAPGen last week, and thought my readers might be interested in becoming an Accredited Genealogist:


Who we are
The Accredited Genealogist® credential is awarded by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGenSM), a fully independent non-profit organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Historically, this credential was sponsored by the Genealogical Society of Utah, now known as FamilySearch, but in 2000 the GSU transferred sponsorship of the AG® credential to ICAPGen. Today ICAPGen remains fully independent of any other organization.

What the Accredited Genealogist credential stands for
Genealogy researchers who demonstrate sufficient theoretical and practical backgrounds are given exams for specific geographical regions, and upon passing are rightfully designated as research experts in that region. The AG credential acknowledges this expertise. 

Where we are
Our Accredited Genealogist professionals can be found worldwide, and have proven research expertise in one or more of 8 United States regions and 21 different countries.

What we know and do
Those who hold the Accredited Genealogist credential have demonstrated knowledge of the key sources, history, geography, methodologies, and language of their region of interest and know how to access those records, wherever they exist, whether it is through personal onsite research, correspondence with repositories, or through a representative onsite. They are also proficient in the use of digitized original sources online. Accredited Genealogist professionals possess the skill to transcribe and abstract handwritten documents, analyze and interpret evidence, and communicate research results in quality written reports.

Where we test
Exams are typically held at the Family History Library in Utah, but for those who prefer to test elsewhere we can arrange a proctored exam at a local facility, and conduct an Oral Review via the internet. 

The ICAPGenSM service mark and the Accredited Genealogist® and AG® registered marks are the sole property of the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists. All Rights Reserved.


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