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Amanuensis Monday - 1674 Inventory of John Colby (1633-1674) of Amesbury, Massachusetts

This week's document for Amanuensis Monday is the 1674 inventory of the estate of John Coleby of Amesbury, Massachusetts in the Essex County, Massachusetts Probate Records:

[Case 5919, image 11 of 12]:

The transcription of this will is:

An Inventory off ye estate off John Coleby of Amsbury, deceased 
6: 12 mo: 1673-74, Taken and apprized by William Barnes and Thomas 
Barnerd, Sr. of Amesbury: 2: 1: mo: 1673-74, 
                                                                                                                                   £       s     d     q
1:  To eight sheep & a lambe,                                                                                    04---00---00--0
2: To twoe oxen at £5. pr. & four cowes at £3. pr.,                                                   22---00---00--0 
3:  To one two year old heifer, £1, 10s.; one yearling & a calfe,                              02---10---00--0 
4:  To five young swine,                                                                                            01---00---00--0
5:  To ye dwelling house, outhousen, homestead & land by ye Powwow River,     30---00---00--0 
6:  To a lott of land at Bugmore,                                                                               04---00---00--0 
7:  To fourty acres of land in ye great plaine,                                                           46---00---00--0 
8:  To a parcell of land purchased of ye towne,                                                        20---00---00--0
9:  To a thirty five acre lott in ye woods,                                                                  20---00---00--0
10: To a lott in ye ox pasture,                                                                                    05---00---00--0 
11: To a division of land in ye Lyons mouth,                                                            05---00---00--0 
12: To a lot of meadow called Groomes lott,                                                            20---00---00--0
13: To a lot of meadow in ye lower higglety pigley,                                                 20---00---00--0 
14: To a beadstead, feather bed, bedding & curtaines,                                             08---00---00--0 
15: To a trundle bedstead, flockbed & bedding thereto belonging,                          03---00---00--0 
16:  To a shaff bed & bedding thereto belonging,                                                    04---00---00--0
17:  To corne in ye house,                                                                                        03---00---00--0
18: To twenty pound of wool,                                                                                  01---00---00--0 
19: To his wearing cloathes,                                                                                    01---10---00--0 
20: To halfe a barrell of meat,                                                                                  01---10---00--0 
21: To an old chest, box & linnen therein & a bible,                                               02---00---00--0 
22: To his Armes,                                                                                                    02---10---00--0 
23: To a cart, sled, plow, yoke & tackling belonging,                                             03---00---00--0 
24: To flax, & a tenant saw,                                                                                     00---16---00--0 
25: To axes, hows, sickles & a shave,                                                                     00---12---00--0 
26: To a pott, pot hockes, tramell, kettle & two skillets,                                         02---00---00--0 
27: To a frying pan & warming pan,                                                                        00---08---00--0 
28: To pewter, smothing Iron & a sieve,                                                                  00---12---00--0 
29: To trenchers, trayes, wooden platters, dishes & spoones,                                 00---10---00--0 
30: To two spinning wheeles, three payr of cards,                                                  00---08---00--0 
31: To old tubs, barrels & payles &c,                                                                     01---00---00--0 
32: To a bill off one pound eighteen shillings ,                                                      01---18---00--0 

This inventory was taken as tt was given
in unto us by Frances Coleby ye day & year
abovewritten & Apprized by us.
                                              the marke of
                                            William Barnes
                                             Thomas Barnard 

This inventory was attested upon ye oath of
Frances Coleby Executrix to ye last will
of Jno Colby to be a true Inventory of all ye es-
tate of sd Colby died seized of & if more
appears she is to ??? to ye Inventory
Attest Tho. Bradbury recr

Sworn before ye court held
at Salisbury 14 Aprill 1674
as attestd  Tho. Bradbury

The source citation for this estate file is:

"Essex County, MA: Probate Papers, 1638-1881," digital images, American Ancestors  ( : accessed 1 September 2018), Case 5919, John Coleby of Amesbury, 1674, 12 images.

The will of John Colby was transcribed in 
Amanuensis Monday - 1674 Will of John Colby (1633-1674) of Amesbury, Massachusetts.

In this inventory, the total estate is £234, 4 shillings, of which £170 is real estate.  The personal estate totals £64--4s, of which £29--10s is livestock.

John and Frances (Hoyt) Colby are my 9th great-grandparents.  I am descended from their son, John Colby (1656-1719) who married Sarah Eldredge (1655-1692) in 1675 and resided in Amesbury, Massachusetts.


NOTE:  Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

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