Sunday, October 28, 2018

CVGS Program on 31 October is Judith Helton on "Hidden in Plain View"

Wednesday, 31 October 2018, 12 noon

Judith Helton presenting “Hidden in Plain View” 

at Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library (365 F Street) in the Auditorium

Sometimes history is profound and recorded by endless sources but in regards to the Underground Railroad, as it was called during the Civil War, historians and genealogists have had to seek out proof and find descendants of those who are willing to share stories.  Although she will be talking about the book Hidden in Plain View, there will be references to other books.

In her presentation, Judith will include some actual quilts as well as information and examples of some of the early African quilt designs.  Some slaves passed down an understanding of this important historical movement.  However, some historians are skeptical about the possibility of slaves and abolitionists using quilts as a form of communication.

As a longtime resident of the South Bay, Judith has been immersed in genealogy since 1967 when her grandfather gave her a small journal written by her grandmother, Pearl Hoffman McComb.  Inspired by her grandmother, in retirement Judith took up quilting and is part of a dedicated group that creates historical and contemporary quilts, and hopes some of hers will be preserved as family history.


*  The library is undergoing more construction, so the parking lots are severely restricted.  Please carpool, dropoff those mobility impaired, park in the free parking garage in back of Marie Callenders, or in the pay lots behind the Third Avenue businesses.

*  All of the CVGS programs are free to attend.  Membership in the society helps bring more genealogy and family history programs to the membership.

*  The program will start at 12 noon.  After the presentation, there will be a short society business meeting, and then refreshments provided by society members.  Hallowe'en is always a special time!


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Peggy said...

Also check out this "Fact Sheet on the Quilt Code" from quilt historian Barbara Brackman. . Brackman's conclusion: "The fact is that we have no historical evidence of quilts being used as signals, codes or maps. The tale of quilts and the Underground Railroad makes a good story, but not good quilt history."