Saturday, November 3, 2018

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Your Zigzag Ancestor Lines

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night again - 

time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):

1)  What is your father's Zigzag Ancestor line (NOTE: I just made that up...}?  In other words, your father's mother's father's mother's etc. line back as far as you can go.

2)  Tell us in your own blog post (and drop a link here in a comment), or on Facebook with your response.
Here's my Zigzag line through my father:

1)  My father was Frederick Walton Seaver Jr. (1911-1983) of Leominster, Mass. and San Diego, Calif..

2)  His mother was Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962) of Killingly, Conn. and Leominster, Mass..

3)  Her father was Thomas Richmond (1848-1917), of Hilperton, Wiltshire and Killingly, Conn.

4)  His mother was Hannah Rich (1824-1911), of Hilperton, Witshire and Putnam, Conn.

5)  Her father was John Rich (1789-1868) of Hilperton, Wiltshire.  

6)  His mother was Mary --?-- (1766-????) of Hilperton, Wiltshire.

I don't know who Mary's father was.

So my father's Zigzag goes back only six generations.  

My Zigzag line through my mother is:

1)  My mother was Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002) of San Diego, Calif.

2)  her father was Lyle L. Carringer (1891-1976) of San Diego, Calif.

3)  His mother was Abbie Ardelle Smith (1862-1944) of Rolling Prairie, Wis. and San Diego, Calif.

4)  Her father was Devier James Lamphere Smith (1839-1894) of Jefferson county, New York, Rolling Prairie, Wis., and McCook, Nebr..

I don't know who his mother was, since he was adopted as a young child.  I could continue with his adoptive mother, Mary Bell (1805-1865) for three more generations.

Well, that was fun, I guess.  Frustrating too, because I'm missing 5th great-grandparents in the Seaver line, and 3rd great-grandparents in the Carringer line.


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Lois Willis said...

Here's mine

Janice M. Sellers said...

Here's mine!

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

Here is mine from New York City early Sunday morning (just past midnight).

Linda Stufflebean said...

If I could have zagged where I zigged, I would have hit my colonial lines!

Matthew Miller said...

My zig-zag lines are among my shortest lines. Zigging where I zagged at almost any level would have gotten significantly further back. Here's mine: