Tuesday, December 25, 2018

On Christmas Day...My Ancestors That Had a Special Event

I woke up this morning wondering which of my ancestors were born, married, or died on Christmas Day throughout history.  Funny - I had never thought of this before!  

How do I find out?  Well, the RootsMagic genealogy family tree program has a report called "On This Day" and I plugged in December 25 and it gave me nine pages of events and names (about 380 of them) from the nearly 52,000 persons in my database.  I went through the list, and confirmed that the below events occurred on Christmas Day for my ancestors:


*  1646:  Elizabeth Pierce in Charlestown, Massachusetts - 7th great-grandmother
*  1732:  Benedict Oatley in South Kingstown, Rhode Island - 5th great-grandfather


*  1647:  Robert Treat and Jane Tapp in Milford, Connecticut - 9th great-grandparents
*  1666:  Joseph Farwell and Hannah Learned in Chelmsford, Massachusetts - 8th great-grandparents
*  1693:  Thomas Horton and Susannah LNU in Rehoboth, Massachusetts - 8th great grandfather
*  1740:  Jonas Prescott and Rebecca Jones in Concord, Massachusetts - 6th great-grandfather
*  1852:  Edward Hildreth and Sophia Newton in Northborough, Massachusetts - 2nd great-grandparents


*  1637:  John Sweet in Salem, Massachusetts - 10th great-grandfather

Here is the marriage certificate for Edward Hildreth and Sophia Newton, who married on 25 December 1852:

They were young - 21 and 18.  The marriage was probably performed in the Northborough church or at the bride's home by Minister S.S. Ashley.

Among the long list, there is a Mary Christmas Auble who was born in 1897 in Forest, Indiana.  What a great and appropriate name!

I also noted that Linda's second great-grandmother, Rachel Morley (1821-1861) was baptized on Christmas Day in Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire.

I expected to find more births and deaths of ancestors.  However, I don't have an exact birth or marriage or death date for some ancestors because of a lack of records or my own negligence.  

I'm happy that at least eight of my ancestors married on Christmas Day (two were second marriages not to my ancestor) and I hope they enjoyed the event.  

Well, that was some genealogy fun on Christmas Day.  Now on to the Ancestry Hints before my nap and dinner at Black Angus tonight.


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Jennifer said...

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Barbara said...

Dear Randy: We are cousins. Again (LOL). Joseph Farwell and Hannah Larned are my 9th great grandparents. Last year, I set up a calendar of life events for my ancestors, and I review it every morning. So, yesterday, on Christmas morning, I lifted my cup of coffee and wished Joseph and Hannah a happy anniversary. This morning, reading the reference to them in your blog made me smile. A few years ago, you mentioned another set of ancestors we had in common, but I didn't make a note of it and don't remember who they were. I follow a number of genealogy blogs, but yours has always been my favorite. (Must be some familial prejudice at play!) Have a wonderful holiday season!