Monday, December 24, 2018

Monday Genea-Pourri - 24 December 2018

Here is a summary of my family history and genealogy related activities over the past week:

1)  Moderated the Chula Vista Genealogical Society (CVGS) DNA Interest Group meeting with 13 members in attendance on Wednesday.  I presented the DNA offerings on MyHeritageDNA, including downloading all DNA match segments and using a spreadsheet to triangulate know cousins to find unknown cousins.  We also discussed attendees questions and comments.  

2)  Presented my "Genealogy! Be An Ancestor Detective" beginners' talk at San Carlos Library on Friday to 34 attendees.  I had to speak from the back of the filled room using their computer and my flash drive because of projector cable problems.  It worked out.  There were lots of questions about DNA and privacy issues. 

3)  Transcribed another deed for 
Amanuensis Monday - 1832 Deed of Solomon Green et al to Zachariah Hildreth in Townsend, Mass.  I downloaded four more of these deeds from the 1800-1835 time frame and now need to go after the deeds in the 1835 to 1859 time frame. 

4) There were several sessions working in the RootsMagic software program to update FamilySearch Family Tree profiles for Seaver families and other ancestral families, with occasional additions to the RootsMagic profiles. I have matched 28,286 of my RM persons with FSFT.  I continue to use Web Hints from Ancestry, MyHeritage, Findmypast and FamilySearch to add content and sources to my RootsMagic profiles.  I now have 51,851 persons in my RootsMagic file, and 99,054 source citations.   I TreeShared one time during the last week (about 80 profiles), and resolved about 200 Ancestry Hints.  I've fallen behind on the Ancestry Record Hints with 88,122 waiting to be resolved, but I work on them weekly.

5)  I decided to cover the DNA statistics monthly rather than weekly in my Genea-Pourri post.

6) Wrote 19 Genea-Musings blog posts last week, of which two were press releases and four were recurring Christmas related posts.  The most popular post last week was 
Historical Records of an American Santa Claus  with over 638 views.  

7)  Was able to provide genealogy reports for two Seaver lines as a result of the "Seavers in the News" articles.  Made some new genealogy friends there!

8)  Not exactly genealogy, but certainly Family History - we hosted Lori and her two boys from Thursday to Sunday, and Tami brought her family down on Saturday for gift sharing, lunch, a physical activity (Jump Around, with trampolines, climbing walls, an obstacle course, and more).  I went shopping with Lori and the boys on Friday.  My genealogy activities were curtailed a bit over the busy weekend.  Here's a photo from Jump Around (Lucas was climbing a wall) - I wore my new Santa Claus in Hawaii shirt.


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Diane Gould Hall said...

Your list of activities is always very inspiring Randy. I wish you and Linda a very Merry Christmas.