Monday, January 21, 2019 Has Over 60 Job Openings

Are you a computer science person looking for a good job?, the leader in genealogy and family history provider, has over 60 job openings.  The job descriptions, locations, and other information is at

Here are the top two screens of the job listings:

Most of the jobs are in Lehi, Utah (where the Ancestry headquarters are located) and San Francisco, California.  The major departments are "Family History" and "DNA" and "Corporate."

The company description in these job openings says:
"We’re a cutting-edge tech company with a very human mission—to help every person discover, preserve, and share the story of what led to them. Combining the rich information in family trees and historical records with the genetic details revealed in DNA, we create unique experiences that give people a new understanding of their lives, because connecting all the pieces of our family story can give us the deepest sense of who we are."
Reading the job descriptions is interesting.  Unfortunately, I know very little about the technical and technology details described in the job descriptions.  And I'm probably too old to learn the technology required, but it sure would be fun to work at Ancestry if I were 25 or 30 again.  Maybe my son-in-law would be interested?  Or my grandkids in 10 years.


Disclosure:  I have had a paid subscription to since 2000, and use the site every day.  I have received material considerations from in years past, but that does not affect my objectivity in writing about their products and services.

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Bill said...

No VP of Public Relations to put them on a more transparent, out in front of the issues track. Director, Brand Experience & Planning won't get it...