Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Finding Gertrude's Maiden Name ... and More

Sometimes when I can't find something to blog about, I go through my list of names in my RootsMagic family tree database that don't have a surname, select one, and try to determine the surname.  I can usually find at least one, and I usually stop there, feeling satisfied, and then blog about.

Today, I went to the G given names without a surname, and there was Gertrude R. who married Warren Tice Loucks (1889-1965), one of my distant cousins.

Not only don't I know her maiden name, but I don't know their marriage date and place.  I do know her birth date, death date and burial place from other records.

For Gertrude, I clicked on the light bulb on the name line to activate the RootsMagic WebHints, and saw:

Only 3 Hints on FamilySearch and one on Findmypast.  I went for quantity and clicked on FamilySearch number:

Among the three confirmed Hints, two were census records, and the third one was a marriage.  I clicked on the marriage Hint and saw the record summary on FamilySearch:

And there's the marriage record - license, certificate and return, all on one page.

The useful information that I didn't have included:

*  Name - Gertrude Roberts Monce
*  Age - 29
*  Birthplace - Canada
*  Number of marriage - 2
*  Marriage date - 26 May 1922
*  Marriage place - Los Angeles, California
*  Parent's Names - Joseph Totty and Mary Hannah Bayless
*  Maiden name of bride:  Gertrude R. Totty

The maiden name and the father's name was indexed as Toth.

And there's more, but those are what I need for the database.  I entered them into my RootsMagic database, and then noticed that Gertrude already had a profile on FamilySearch Family Tree ( was a confirmed Hint!):

The marriage date and place was already in the Family Tree, but it says her maiden name was Toth.  There are at least four places on the marriage record above where the writing is pretty clear that is is "Totty."  Both t's are crossed, and there's a "y" at the end of the name.  I'm going to use Totty for now unless there are more records that says it was Toth.  On the FamilySearch Family Tree entry for Joseph Toth, the source is this marriage record, so I don't know if Totty is correct or not.

A quick search on Ancestry, and Joseph Totty appears in over 100 records on, including the 1920 and 1930 census records, as Totty.  I could go further and try to find census records and civil registration records for the parents, but I won't.  Not my family line.  Totty it is!

The other question is the name of the first husband, "Mr. Monce."  Their child is listed as "Mounts."  I passed on this - again, not my family.

A source citation, you ask?

"California County Marriages, 1850-1952," indexed database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 9 January 2019), Warren Tice Loucks and Gertrude Roberts Monce marriage entry.

So, success on my quest this afternoon - a maiden name and a marriage record.  One more person in the family tree with decent derivative source records.  And one more profile in FamilySearch Family Tree with more information than it had before.  With a correct maiden name (I fixed the father's too).

WebHints aren't always this easy...


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