Friday, January 11, 2019

Nathan Dylan Goodwin's "The Asylum" is FREE to Download Now

Many Genea-Musings readers have enjoyed Nathan Dylan Goodwin's forensic genealogy books about the trials and successes of Morton Farrier, ace genealogical sleuth in England.

Nathan has released a short prequel to his first book, Hiding the Past, called The Asylum.  On Nathan's web page for the prequel, he notes:

"The job presented to forensic genealogist, Morton Farrier, ought to have been simple and easy. But the surprise discovery of an additional marriage to his client’s father leads Morton on an enquiry, revolving around a mysterious death in the county asylum. Requiring his various investigative genealogical skills, Morton must work to unravel this complex eighty-year-old secret and finally reveal the truth to his client.

"This is the first story in the Morton Farrier genealogical crime mystery series."

Note that there is a link on Nathan's web page ( to "Download The Asylum for FREE."

I have done that and am ready to read it on my Samsung tablet.  If this interests you, then go download The Asylum for FREE, and get hooked on Nathan's Morton Farrier series (7 books now).


Disclosure:  I have received complimentary copies of several Nathan Goodwin books in order to publicize them.

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