Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Treasure Chest Tuesday -- 1800 U.S. Census Record of the Burges Metcalf Household in Piermont, N.H.

This week's Tuesday Treasure is the 1800 United States census record of the Burgess Metcalf household in Piermont, Grafton County, New Hampshire:

The Burges Metcalf entry is about halfway down the page:

The extracted information from this record for Burges Metcalf is:

*  Head of household:  Burges Metcalf

*  Number of males under age 10:  1  [certainly son Chandler born in 1798]
*  Number of males aged 10 to 16: 1  [perhaps son Joseph born in 1784]
*  Number of males aged 16 to 26:  1  [perhaps son Cyrus born in 1776]
*  Number of males aged 26 to 45: 1  [probably son Burgess born in 1772]
*  Number of males over age 45:  1  [certainly Burgess, born in 1741]

*  Number of females aged 10 to 16:  1  [probably daughter Jerusha born in 1789]
*  Number of females aged 16 to 26:  1  [probably daughter Mary born in 1781]
*  Number of females over age 45:  1  [certainly wife Jerusha, born in about 1750]

The source citation for this census record is:

1800 United States Federal Census, Grafton County, New Hampshire, population schedule, Piermont, page 706, Burges Metcalf household, digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com); citing National Archives Microfilm Publication M32, Roll 20.

Ancestry.com indexed the head of household for this record as "Burges Metsa G" for some reason. Other researchers have added Burges Metcalf as an alternate name.

This census record is written semi-alphabetically, so it is impossible to know who the neighbors are.  Burgess Metcalf is the only Metcalf on the page. 

Burgess (1741-1816) and Jerusha (1750-1817) (--?--) Metcalf are my 5th great-grandparents, through their daughter Mary "Polly" Metcalf (1780-1855) who married Amos Underhill (1772-1865).


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