Tuesday, February 19, 2019

RootsTech 2019 Syllabus Articles Are Available on Mobile App and Web Browser

The syllabus handouts for many of the RootsTech 2019 presentations are available in a web browser or smart device.  A user can read them, print them, and save them.

NOTE:  The images below are from the 2018 blog post about the 2018 handouts.  The process is the same for 2019.

1)  On a smart device, the RootsTech 2019 mobile app has a "Conference Schedule" icon is how you get to the syllabus articles.  It works similar to the web browser process described blow.

2)  On a web browser, use the web site page http://app.core-apps.com/rootstech2019/events/view_by_day?tracks=&type=.  

UPDATE 27 February:  FamilySearch just posted this link:  https://www.rootstech.org/rootstech-2019-conference-syllabi 

There are four separate pages - one for each day.  The user can select the day on the gray background line on the screen above, and the day selected has a dark red background.  The screen above shows the top of the screen for Thursday, 1 March.

The remainder of the page has the list of classes offered on that day, ordered by the time of the class.

The user can select to "star" a class if they wish to add the class to their own personal schedule.

Each class has a "track" indicator; for example "RT" is for a "RootsTech" track.  "GS" is for a "Getting Started" track.

Each class has a unique four digit "class" number after the track indicator.

After the "track" and "class" numbers is the title of the presentation.  Below the title is the time of the presentation.

There is an "Adobe Reader" icon next to the time on many of the classes.  This icon indicates that there is a PDF handout available.

3)  When you click on a specific class, more information about that class appears.  Here is the information for GS0290 with Ari Wilkins presenting "Preserving and Organizing Photographic Collections:"

Information is provided on the screen above including a summary of the presentation (not shown above), the presenter, the Category, the Family History Skill Level, the Pass required, the Technology Skill Level, and the Resources.

4)  The Resources is where the Handout is.  I clicked on the link for "Handouts (1)" and another line appeared below that link:

Note the additional line after the user clicked on the "Handouts (1)" link.

5)  Clicking that additional line opens the PDF file with the handout: 

The PDF appears, and indicates how many pages there are (in this case 4).  The user can read the PDF there.

6)  At the top left is the file name for this specific PDF file.  In the example above, it is "67dc8360d5c6619b47ae475b24f57804_1.pdf".  That is not especially useful to me!  

On my PC computer with Windows 7, I have icons on the top right of the screen to "Rotate," "Download" or "Print:" [NOTE:  The details on your browser may differ from mine.]

I selected "Download" and my Windows Explorer window opened with the default file name in the "File Name" line.  I edit that file name by typing in the author's name and the title of the presentation.  In this case, I typed "Ari Wilkins - Organizing and Preserving Photograph Collections:"

I clicked the "Save" button and the file Ari Wilkins - Organizing and Preserving Photograph Collections.pdf was saved in my RootsTech 2018 file folder.

For many of the handouts, I copy the presentation title and paste it into the file name field.

7)  You have to click the Back arrow two times to get back to the list of classes and select another class to download the handout.  

8)  On the RootsTech 2019 mobile app, the user can "Take notes on the Handout," "Download the Handout" or "Email Handout."

9)  NOTE:  You don't have to be a registered attendee to RootsTech 2019 in order to access the class handouts using the web browser.  

It is not known how long the handouts will be available to read, download or print.  It may be for one month after the end of the conference.


Disclosure:  I am a RootsTech 2019 Ambassador, and have received a complimentary RootsTech 2019 pass.  I have received this and other emoluments from FamilySearch over the past ten years.  

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MM said...

When I click the link to the web browser, I keep getting redirected to install the app. I just want to go to a webpage to view.

Randy Seaver said...

http://app.core-apps.com/rootstech2019/events/view_by_day?tracks=&type= still works for me.

Here is the official RootsTech link: https://www.rootstech.org/rootstech-2019-conference-syllabi ust posted today.