Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What Would You Like Me to Write About?

Are you bored by my theme posts every day of the week?  I often struggle to find topics to write about - can my faithful readers help?  

What would you like to know about in the world of genealogy?  Are there websites or features on websites you would like to know about?  Are there features of RootsMagic, or, or MyHeritage, or FamilySearch, or Findmypast, or another website or program that you would like information about?  

Do you need advice on where to search for your ancestors?  I may be able to help.

I will try to answer your genealogy-related questions and comments, or point you to some place with the answer.  

Do you want to write an article about your own research or about your local society?  I will be happy to post guest articles.  Please submit those by email attachment and I can work with them and get them into print so my 4,000 readers can read them and perhaps comment on them.

Please put your questions or comments in a comment on this post, or send me an email at


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Marian B. Wood said...

Randy, I always read and enjoy your RootsMagic posts. Even after 2 years, I'm not conversant with all the features on all the menus. So any time you post about using RM, I pay close attention to the techniques you show and then try them myself. I also appreciate when you aggregate posts from bloggers who attend the big gen conferences. And I like learning from "how to" blog posts, so please keep 'em coming. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I am not bored with your articles, but maybe you are about writing in the same format on a schedule. So here is my idea for you:
On August 27, 2015 you had an article about to find more of the iceberg, since the info found on Internet is just the tip of it. Could you please develop those points you made and more, if you have thought of more since then. The caveat would be that we can only call, e-mail or write, but not travel to the places where stuff are kept. Would you be able to share something along those same lines for European research? I see you have done a lot in Germany.
Thank you Randy,
Annick H.

Linda Stufflebean said...

I enjoy your tech posts and I always look forward to research methodology posts from all the blogs I follow. Like Marian, in depth features on RootsMagic are always appreciated.

Life Goes On said...

I would like to know if you have written any family stories about your ancestors and if so share some of them.
Did you take any writing classes or take part in any story challenges.
I enjoy your posts

Marcia Crawford Philbrick said...

Randy, I like you updates on new resources at Ancestry and Family Search. I also read you weekly list of blog posts. I also appreciate all of you posts about issues with Ancestry and your how-to posts.

Admin said...

Randy, I have been reading your blogposts every day for the last few years. I don't have enough time to read everything but I religiously go through the news clicking on many links, the blog list, and your responses to readers.

I was planning to mention RootsMagic and I see 2 other commenters have. I can usually get answers to specific questions in facebook or the forum but communication from RootsMagic is meager. What do you know about the new release? I like hearing about how you use RM. How-tos are great. Especially moving data to and from different websites. Also why you use different family tree websites and software. I am struggling with media, esp. getting the documents from different sites and how to know where they end up.

When you mention watching a webinar, I always want one more sentence about your experience.
Not was it good or bad because I think they uniformly excellent. What audience are they good for? Or anything unique about the presenter or the webinar.

I don't get to see Mondays with Myrt so that could also be mined for topics.

And you could always post Padre scores. Just kidding.

Judith Culver, Ferndale, WA