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Chula Vista Genealogical Society Program on 27 March Features Susi Pentico

Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 12 noon
Susi Jones Pentico on “The Beginning”
at Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library (365 F Street) in Auditorium

“The Beginning” is about the start and development of our Chula Vista Genealogical Society.  How and when we got started, what we did, and how far we have come.  It  took seven years of hard work to get started. It was FUN.  Many living and deceased members helped along the way.  Without our past, we would not have had a present or a future, we would probably not be a society.

Susi was born in Wyoming and was raised in the rural communities of northern California, but her parents stayed in touch with their family.  Her family visited Wyoming regularly to visit their Jones kin there.   Her mother had the kids write a letter each month to their grandparents and cousins back in Wyoming.

Her Hoffman grandfather told her "Susan, when  you are grown will you please go to Greene County, Pennsylvania and meet the family my Dad took me to meet when I was five years old?"  Her Jones grandfather wanted her to avoid researching his family because they disowned him for marrying his wife.  In 1993, Susi made it to Pennsylvania and found one of her grandfather's siblings, and found out that it was her father's mother that did the disowning.   Over the years, Susi also discovered she has Mayflower, Jamestown, and early Indian ancestry.

Susi loves to share what she has learned along the way, and she cares very much for our country's past and future.  She thinks that our family history is too important to keep it buried and not remembered.

All are welcome at the society meetings.  There will be a brief business meeting, opportunity drawing, and refreshments after the program presentation.


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