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Treasure Chest Tuesday -- 1879 Summary of Proof in War of 1812 Pension of Rosannah Lanfear

This week's Tuesday's Treasure is the 1879 Widow's Summary of Proof for a War of 1812 Widow's Service Pension filed by Rosannah Lanfear, widow of Isaac Lanfear:

The extracted information for this pension record is (handwritten portions in italics):


*  Marriage:  Date:  October 10 1807, of  Isaac Lamfear    to
                   Rosannah Laun as alleged by claimant supported by affidavits of Daniel 
                   Wise andnd Jos. Grimshaw as to Cohabitation in B.L. Claim.  also by 
                    Affidavits of Sterling Wilcox and Daniel Caulkins in this Claim.

*  Proof as to Capacity to marry:  Claimant alleges that there was no legal barrier to such marriage.

*  Death of soldier:  Date:  May 3, 1851, as alleged by Claimant, and this allegation 
                          is corroborated by affs. of Daniel Wise and Jos. Grimshaw 
                          in Bounty Land Claim.

*  Widowhood:  Claimant allegation and identifying witnesses
                         Age of claimant 95 years.


Claimant applied for and received B. L. Warrant No. 114282 for 160 Acres  
Lanfear is the correct spelling of the name.
The claim was rejected under act Feb. 14 1871 by reason of insufficient service.
The witnesses S. Wilcox and Daniel Caulkins served themselves less than 
Sixty days, as shown by the Aud[itors] report of of Febr. 26, 1878 and their testimony
was not competent to establish pensionable service under the act Febr. 14 1871.
Claimant filed Waiver under act Febr 14/71 and desires claim adj. under act March 9/78.
Thir Aud. rep. that Sterling Wilcox served in Capt. N. Gould comp. from Sep 9 1812
to Sep 23 1812 and from March 5 1813 to March 12 1813 and as Captain from May 30
to June 7 1814.  Daniel Caulkins served in Captain N. Gould's Co. from Sep 9 1812
to Sep 23 1812 and in Capt. Sterling Wilcox Co. from May 30 1814 to June 7 1814.
and July 29 1814 to Aug 22 1814.  The report of the office of Febr. 19 1878 as to
the service of Isaac Lanfear is correct.

Surname is Lanfear RER (Evidence as to marriage before Treaty of peace not deemed sufficient to establish fact)

The source citation for this Widow's War of 1812 Pension Application file is:

"War of 1812 Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Files," digital image, Fold3.com   (https://www.fold3.com : accessed 27 May 2019), W.O. Pension No. 11,838, Rosannah Lanfear, widow of Isaac Lanfear, page 12 of 201; citing NARA RG15-1812PB-Bx2071.

This pension file contains 201 pages.  Isaac Lanfear died in 1851, and his widow Rosannah Lanfear applied under the Act of 1871 but it was denied.  She reapplied in 1876, and received the pension in 1879.  Some of the pages in the application are duplicates, so I'm picking the pages that are the most useful.  Some of Isaac Lanfear's records had the surname Lamfear or Lanifear or Landfear, so there was some confusion over the years during the application process.  By the 1850 time, the family was using Lanfear.

Isaac Lanfear (1777-1851) and Rosina (Laun) Lanfear (1781-1881) are probably my 4th great-grandparents, through an unknown child who had Devier James Lanfear (1839-1894) in Jefferson County, New York, perhaps out of wedlock.  Devier Lanfear was adopted by Ranslow and Mary (Bell) Smith of Henderson, Jefferson County, New York, and that family moved to Wisconsin in about 1843.  Devier J. Lanfear went by Smith, and had a formal name change from "Lamphier" to "Smith" on 21 March 1866 by an act of the Wisconsin State Senate.  He is named as "my adopted son, Devier J. Lamphear alias Smith" in Ranslow Smith's will dated 1865, probated in Andrew County, Missouri in 1873.


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