Thursday, July 18, 2019

MyHeritage Refreshes The Data for the Theory of Family Relativity™ for DNA Matches

I received this via email today from Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage:


I have great news — we’ve just refreshed all the data for the Theory of Family Relativity™!

With this exciting update, you’ll get new and updated theories that explain how you and your DNA Matches may be related. This much-anticipated update may provide you with answers about relationships that have baffled you, as well as offer new insights about your ancestors and family relationships.
The Theory of Family Relativity™ scans billions of family tree profiles and historical records to craft detailed theories of how DNA Matches on MyHeritage may be related to each other. Since launching the feature in February, our DNA database has grown significantly, the number of family trees on MyHeritage has reached 45 million, existing trees have grown, and more historical records have been added to SuperSearch™.

A new notification system has been created to update MyHeritage users about new theories as they are discovered, one theory at a time. This email will be sent periodically, as of this week.

We hope that MyHeritage DNA users will enjoy the current update, which has more than doubled the number of theories available.
Read more about this update and some key facts and figures in the blog post.

NOTE:  I have written posts about the Theory of Family Relativity in the past, the last one was   MyHeritage Theory of Family Relativity™ is Imperfect - Be Careful!  In that post, I noted that 5 of my 15 Theories were wrong based on my own research. 

After receiving the notice today, I checked my Theory of Family Relativity matches today.  I now have 12 Theories, and only two of them are wrong based on my own research.  Three of the wrong ones are no longer listed, which is good.  Unfortunately, the two that are still wrong depend on someone else's trees and have "low" confidence.

None of today's Theories use my own MyHeritage tree because I did not have my latest tree connected to my DNA results, and I deleted the 2011 MyHeritage tree that previously was connected to my DNA results about a month ago.  Therefore, today's Theories used other person's trees who have me and some of my lines in them.  Interestingly, some Theories list five Unknown persons in a Private tree (mine?  I don't know!) up to a match with a known ancestor from another tree.

When I figured that out, I connected my DNA test to my current MyHeritage tree (see, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to get Theories based on my own tree, and if I get more Theories than the 12 I currently have.


Disclosure:  I have a complementary subscription to MyHeritage, and have received material considerations from MyHeritage over the past ten years.

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Cunningb2 said...

Randy can you post the steps for re-connecting your DNA and tree ?
I think this is happening to me too!

Randy Seaver said...

You can connect (or reconnect) your tree profile to your DNA kit using directions in the Help Center - see

Cunningb2 said...

Thanks ... I will try to figure that out.