Friday, August 16, 2019

Genealogy News Bytes - 16 August 2019

Some of the genealogy news and education items across my monitor the last three days include:

1)  News Articles: Owners Aim to Extract $900 Million Payout With Loan

2)  New or Updated Record Collections:

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Tuesday, 20 August, 5 p.m. PDT:  Ten Tools for Genealogical Writing, by Harold Henderson

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Wednesday, 21 August, 3 a.m. PDT:  MyHeritage DNA - Ein Überblick (German), by Silvia de Silva

*   Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Wednesday, 21 August, 11 a.m. PDT:  Bullet Journaling for Genealogy, by Shellee Morehead

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  MyHeritage-palvelut; sukupuu, SuperSearch ja DNA (Finnish), by Juha Vuorela

*   Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Basics of Land Platting - Part 1, by J. Mark Lowe

*   Archived Family Tree Webinar:  Basics of Land Platting - Part 2, by J. Mark Lowe

4)  Genealogy Education - Podcasts:

*  Fisher’s Top Tips:  #97 - Connecting

5)  Genealogy Videos (YouTube):

*  Family History Ron:  Family History Ron Q&A 15 Aug 2019

*  Genealogy Magazine:  Episode 9: The Private Family Tree

6)  Genealogy Bargains:

7)  Did you miss the last Genealogy News Bytes - 13 August 2019?


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Judith said...

Randy, thank you for the article about Ancestry's payout. It makes me even more committed to making RootsMagic my master tree. But I have trouble deciding on a strategy for using it.

Am I right that if you Treeshare RM to Ancestry, all your sources become "Other sources" with no link to the image at Ancestry. Also if I use a gedcom from RM to create a new tree at Ancestry, I also get Other Sources.

And...if you Treeshare Ancestry to RM, it craps up your sources/citations?

Should I just forget about Treeshare or give up on wanting other to see my images?

Thank you for your articles about RootsMagic. Every approach seems to have serious downsides.

Judith Culver
Ferndale, WA

Randy Seaver said...

Hi Judith,

I use RootsMagic's TreeShare feature for two reasons:

* Adding new profiles or adding information to an existing profile stimulates more Ancestry Hints, which can be "mined" to add more information to a profile.

* By keeping my Ancestry Member Tree updated (at least weekly) I have a complete tree online at Other researchers can find my information and use it (or not). It's a legacy thing - if I die suddenly, my best effort at a tree is available for other researchers to see.

You are correct - uploading a GEDCOM or using TreeShare to add a tree or information to the Ancestry Member Tree creates "Other Sources" in the Ancestry tree with no link to the Ancestry image. You would have to work in the Ancestry tree to attach records to a person and events for them to be "Ancestry Sources."

Downloading a tree from Ancestry to RootsMagic that has "Ancestry Sources" will add the events and sources and media to a RootsMagic tree. Unfortunately, that includes the poorly crafted Ancestry source citations which, IMHO, are "crap."

My practice is to download the record images to my computer, rename the file using a naming convention, and attach those images to the person and event in my RootsMagic tree. That way I'm not relying on Ancestry or another site to have the record image years from now.

We can only do the best we can and hope that it is good enough. The present situation is imperfect, but it beats entering everything by hand into RootsMagic and all other trees I access and use.

Judith said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer. I facilitate a RootsMagic group at my library so I have to get this right. I have been a regular reader for a few years. I depend on your News, your Monday summaries of what you have been doing, blog lists, and especially RootsMagic articles in the archives. And did I say your recent articles about Ancestry?

My best wishes,