Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tuesday's Tip: Use MyHeritage "Compilation of Published Sources" - FREE!

The record collection for the "Compilation of Published Sources" is one of my favorite collections.  This collection is available on:

*  MyHeritage (FREE for this collection):   84,206,880 pages in 447,870 sources. 

The description of the collection on the MyHeritage collection page says:

This collection includes a compilation of thousands of published books ranging from family, local and military histories, city and county directories, school, university and hospital reports, church and congregational minutes and much more. All records include images of the book's pages. We are continually growing this collection.
It is important to understand what this collection represents and includes.  There are over 447,800 sources in this collection - books, periodicals, pamphlets, etc., with a total of over 84 million pages.  The collection can be searched by publication name, person name, inexact or exact, with translations on or off.  

Not every published genealogy or family history book or periodical or other document ever published is included, but many of them published before 1923 are available in this collection, for FREE.

 No other provider has this same collection or the tools to search and save images from it.

I entered several exact surnames in the "Last Name" search field and found:

*  61,560 for "Seaver"   
*  1,665 for "Seavers"
*  789 for "Seever"
*  3,662 for "Seevers"
*  55,773 for "Sever"         
*  6,089  for "Severs"

*  1,090 for "Carringer"
*  79 for "Caringer"

*  54,520 for "Vaux"

*  1,408 for "Auble"

*  7,488,675 for "Smith"  

Here is an example of a record summary from this collection on MyHeritage (4 screen shots, some areas skipped):

The user can Save the record to his computer.

The record summary provides a summary of the information about the record source, plus an image of the page that includes the names, locations, or keywords searched for, with the names,locations or keywords highlighted.  Below the image is a full summary of the information about the source itself, followed by an OCR rendition of the text on the page.  This OCR text can be copied and pasted with your computer tools.

These records are almost all Derivative Sources, with Secondary Information and Direct Evidence.  However, the search results can be very useful with smart search criteria to narrow a search for a specific person in a specific place or event.

If you have a MyHeritage Family Tree ($$), MyHeritage provides Record Matches for records from this collection as a Record Match for a person in your MyHeritage Tree or as an entry when you click "Discoveries," then choose "Matches by Source."  

You can't beat FREE, so give it a try - you may find a record for one of your ancestors that is absolutely unique and not found anywhere else.  The URL for this collection is https://www.myheritage.com/research/collection-90100/compilation-of-published-sources.


NOTE:  Tuesday's Tips is a genealogy blog meme intended to provide information about a resource helpful to genealogists and family historians, especially in the online genea-world.

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Diane Gould Hall said...

Thanks Randy. I’ve been meaning to go back to this record collection and gather information.