Sunday, February 16, 2020

How Successful is MyHeritage in Color™? Over 1 Million Photos Colorized In 5 Days

The MyHeritage Blog has posted MyHeritage in Color™ Goes Viral: Over a Million Photos Already Colorized! today.  That is amazing!

There are a number of comments from bloggers (including yours truly), many Twitter tweets (many with photos), and several from Facebook (with photos and comments) highlighted in the blog post.

I displayed a number of my colorized family photographs in Colorizing My Black and White Family Photos Using MyHeritage In Color™.  I have many more to do!

As an added bonus, those colorized photos are also in the MyHeritage accounts of the photo submitters.  Here is a screen shot of the "My photos" page in the Family Tree section of the MyHeritage website:

Each photo that I have colorized is shown with the InColor logo in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image on the screen.

I am adding names to my colorized photos which attaches them to my tree persons.  When I click on the tree person, and then click on the attached photo, I see the colorized photo as below:

I can move the colorizing arrow to the left to see the colorized photo.  Unfortunately, the black and white photograph still shows on the person profiles.


NOTE:  A subscriber to MyHeritage receives unlimited use of this feature.  A guest user (not a MyHeritage subscriber) can colorize ten photos before being asked to subscribe to MyHeritage.

Disclosure:  I  receive a complimentary subscription from MyHeritage for publicizing MyHeritage events and products.  I have accepted financial considerations from MyHeritage and Legacy Family Tree in past years for services rendered and for conference luncheons.

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