Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What Was Willard Roosevelt Auble's Wife's Name?

I noticed that I did not have a spouse in my RootsMagic family tree database or in my Ancestry Member Tree for Willard Roosevelt Auble (1904-1964), my 4th cousin twice removed.  Was he married?  Did he have children?

I opened the RootsMagic Web Hints for for Willard, and saw:

 There's a 1940 U.S. Census record for Willard.  Was there a spouse?

I clicked on the "View Online" button to see the 1940 census record, and scrolled down:

There was a spouse and two children.  Donabel was the name of the spouse, age 24, and they had twins Barbara and Bonnie aged 7 months old.  I clicked on Donabel's name to show me more of her information and the Suggested Records (if any):

Aha, a birth state and five suggested records.  Among them are the Social Security Applications and claims record for Donabel Bedal Auble:

Ah, a birth date, birth place, death date, and parents names for Donabel.

Plus a Find A Grave memorial, with the death and burial place.  After adding Donabel Bedal to my Ancestry Member Tree, a quick search revealed a middle name - Dolores - in an Ancestry Member Tree that had the same birth and death information and parents names.

Five minutes is all this took - I wish they were all this easy.  RootsMagic's WebHints work well, and has excellent tools to solve problems like this - it just takes one record to open up other records.

Now I need to track down their children for my Auble surname study.


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