Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dear Randy: What Genealogy YouTube Channels do You Watch?

 One of my society colleagues asked this question of me, and I want to share my response with all of my blog readers. 

A genealogist can go to YouTube (www.youtube.com) and put "genealogy" or "family history" in the Search field at the top of the page and see listings for many individual videos and of many different "channels."  Just like television, YouTube has channels for videos.  

YouTube is also one of my primary "genealogy education" tools, especially for conversations and quick response issues. 

Here's the YouTube home page with "genealogy" in the search field:

The site provides a list of related search terms - ones that the user has input before and some that other users have input.

When you click on the "enter" button search for videos with the term "genealogy" you get a long list of links to videos, including some ads for websites at the top of the page, as shown below:

The first three results above are ads for websites that might be of interest.

The 4th result is for Connie Knox's "Genealogy TV" YouTube channel.  

There are hundreds of other YouTube videos listed individually on this results page - you can scroll forever, and the list appears to have not much organization.

If I click on the "Genealogy TV" link on the screen above, I can go to Connie Knox's YouTube channel:

I am on the "Home" page for "Genealogy TV" - I can also click on "Videos," "Playlists," "Community," "Store," "Channels," and "About."  The screen also shows me how many subscribers Connie has for "Genealogy TV."The page above shows the most recent videos on this channel.  Connie posts once or twice a week about genealogy topics.  

On the line with the name of the channel on the screen above, there are two buttons to the right of the screen - a "Join" button and a "Subscribe" button.  The screen above indicates I am already Subscribed to this channel.

When you find a YouTube Channel you want to watch on a regular basis, and receive a notification from when a new video is posted, you can Subscribe to it.

Over the years, I have Subscribed to about 100 YouTube Channels to date.  Some are no longer active, but many of them are still very active.  When I come into YouTube.com, I can click on the "three bars"menu at the top left of any screen and can scroll down to see "Subscriptions."  The list opens on the left side of my screen as shown below:

I can pick which of my subscribed channels I want to watch.  The items listed with a marker to the right of the channel name indicates that there is a new video that I haven't seen.  I check for these first!

I can select any one I want from the subscription list above, which is alphabetical for new videos, and then alphabetical again for channels without new videos.  For instance, if I choose "Cheri Hudson Passey" from the list, I can see her channel:

Here is a list of some of the YouTube Channels that I subscribe to - the ones that have added a video in the past month:


Ancestral Findings (podcast)


BYU Family History Library

Cheri Hudson Passey

Data Mining DNA


DNA Family Trees

Extreme Genes (podcast)

Family History Fanatics

Family History Ron



Genealogy Adventures

Genealogy Quick Start



Jennifer Holik

Kentucky Tennessee Research Associates

Legacy Tree Genealogists

Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems

Lisa Lisson


National Genealogical Society

NC Summer Series

RootsMagic TV

The Genealogy Reporter

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

Thom Reed


Who Is Nicka Smith?

I list the latest YouTube videos that are on my subscription list each Tuesday and Friday in my Genealogy News and Education Bytes posts.  The last one is here.  I skim through some of them, and listen or watch some of them.

Which ones are your favorites?  Which ones that I have not listed should be on this list?  Please tell me in Comments to this post.


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Deb Ruth said...

Great list! There are several that I didn't know about. Will be following.