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Chula Vista Genealogical Society Meeting on Wednesday, 31 March Features Debby Warner Anderson

 Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 12 noon

CVGS General Meeting (in a Zoom Video Conference)

Debby Warner Anderson on "My Great-Grandmother's Letters

What would you do with a box of ancestral family letters?   

Debby says:  “Several years ago I realized that my father had a shoebox full of letters written by my great-grandmother Carrie Terry Warner.  After I read them I wondered how to make them meaningful for other family members?  I will take you with me as I recount what that journey entailed and how I made the letters come alive and become much more meaningful than I ever believed they could be when I held them for the first time.” 

Debby's interest in Genealogy began at a very young age while listening to stories her paternal grandmother frequently told about family members and those that came before.  Over the years she did research periodically the old way with letters and books.  With the invention of the internet and records being available on-line her interest soared again.  
After teaching special education for over 35 years she is now retired and has more time to devote to researching, visiting her family and visiting areas her ancestors lived to learn more about ‘their’ stories.  Currently, she is trying to finish a 10 year project of digitizing over 150 of her great-grandmother’s letters from 1880-1910.
Debby has been writing about her discoveries in Debby’s Family Genealogy Blog for about 5 years now.  She belongs to a variety of societies including the San Diego Genealogical Society and the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.  Her passion as a teacher causes her to want to share what she has learned and help others on their journey to discover their ancestors. She enjoys doing presentations, meeting new cousins and fellow researchers.  
Along with genealogy, Debby also enjoys doing Agility and taking long walks with her dog Harley, Scrapbooking, and traveling in her Camper.


This program will be held online using the Zoom video conferencing platform for Meetings. A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent via email to CVGS members on 29 March.  Please note that the meeting starts at 12 noon Pacific time.  The Zoom room will be open by 11:45 a.m. for visiting and helping attendees connect.

This invitation will be available to non-members by registering at  You will receive an email the day before the meeting with the link to JOIN.  Attendance is limited to 100 attendees.  Contact if you have problems.

NOTE:  The Chula Vista Genealogical Society offers an email membership of $10 per year for distant members (outside of San Diego County, California).  Besides the monthly General Meeting with a program on last Wednesdays, there is a monthly Research Group meeting on second Wednesdays and a DNA Interest Group meeting on the third Wednesdays, plus a monthly 10-page email newsletter chock full of program announcements, research tips and program reviews.


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