Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Uploaded a New GEDCOM to MyHeritage, and Created a 10-Generation Fan Chart

 Every 12 to 18 months I try to upload a new GEDCOM to MyHeritage so that I can received Record Matches to the new profiles I have added to my RootsMagic family tree, and also to try to help MyHeritage find common ancestors for my MyHeritageDNA matches by expanding the descendants of my 4th and 5th great-grandparents.

I make excellent progress every fall and winter in adding new profiles - mostly descendants of my ancestors - to my RootsMagic tree (I lose 2-3 genealogy hours a day due to baseball games on TV in the spring and summer!).  I now have three trees on MyHeritage:

*  October 2018 - 50,883 profiles.  This one is connected to my DNA and I haven't figured out how to delete it.

*  January 2020 - 56,012 profiles.  This one is probably superfluous now.

*  April 2021 - 62,622 profiles.  This is totally up-to-date as of today, but it will be out-of-date soon.  I want to connect it to my DNA test.  Maybe someone can help me figure this out!  

In RootsMagic 7, I created a GEDCOM file using File > Export and selecting the information to include.  Here is the progress near the end of the GEDCOM creation:

The GEDCOM creation took less than 5 minutes, and resulted in a 59 mb file.  I saved it to my RootsMagic > GEDCOM file folder on my computer.

Then I uploaded it to MyHeritage using Family Tree > Import GEDCOM and telling MyHeritage the file path and file name:

This took about an hour to complete because it's a BIG tree.  I went out and did some yard work and got some sun and watered the plants for the first time in months.  They loved it!

When I came back in, the GEDCOM file had been uploaded and I made myself the primary person in it.  MyHeritae lets the user make a 10-generation fan chart - here's part of mine:

As you can see - I'm not done with my family tree!  I have significant brick walls in every quadrant.  And the tree continues back in time because I have a LOT of New England colonial ancestors, mainly from England, and some from Germany, France and Netherlands, and few from Ireland, Scandinavia or other European countries.  Then there is my 1% Native American DNA - which is probably a 5th or 6th great-grandparent from eastern Canada.

Now I'm all set for the next calculation of Theory of Family Relativity and for new Record Matches for my new profiles.  MyHeritage calculates all of the Record Matches for profiles soon after they are uploaded, and the Record Matches include all of their record collections (unlike Ancestry which provides Record Hints from only their largest record collections, and provides them only when a profile is changed or stimulated).  

I use the RootsMagic Web Hints to add MyHeritage Record Matches by hand to my RootsMagic tree.  I also synchronize (using RootsMagic "TreeShare") my RootsMagic tree with my Ancestry Member Tree every week.  I need to add an updated tree to Findmypast now, especially since I've added many new profiles of UK and Irish persons in the past two years.

C'mon MyHeritage - bring those new Theories of Family Relativity on, and bring on the Record Matches for my new profiles - I'm ready!!


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary subscription to MyHeritage, and have received other material consideration in past years. I uploaded my autosomal DNA raw data to their DNA product. This does not affect my objective analysis of MyHeritage products.

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Louis Kessler said...

Randy, if you have 3 trees at MyHeritage, for the people in common, are you getting the same hints on all 3 trees? Also, if your first tree is linked to your DNA, then I it may be the only one that can get Theories of Family Relativity.

Randy Seaver said...

Good points, Louis. I get Record Matches on MyHeritage for profiles in my first tree, and profiles for only the additional profiles in my second tree, and I anticipate getting matches for the additional profiles in my third tree.

Although the DNA is attached to the first tree, MyHeritage includes the additional profiles in my second tree for Theories of Family Relativity. Hopefully, for the third tree also.

Rand said...

I don't have a MH subscription at the moment so trees are limited. To replace my large tree I have to move my dna kit to a small (3 person) tree, delete my big tree, import a gedcom, and then reassociate the dna kit to the big tree. You mileage may vary.

MCC said...

That is Fantastic Randy Seaver thanks for sharing!

Louis Kessler said...

Randy, that is very odd behavior on MyHeritage's part. I would never have expected it would work that way.