Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What's Coming Soon To Ancestry?

 Every week I post the update for new and updated records on, and included on the image is the right sidebar for "Coming Soon:"

Those change occasionally, but I thought it might be helpful to write about it.  Here are the collections on the "Official" list above:

  • U.S., Confederate Army Payrolls for Enslaved Labor, 1874-1899 -- Spring 2021 -- A new collection to search for your African American ancestors
  • More U.S. Church Records -- Spring 2021 -- Updates and new collections for Church records of multiple denominations
  • More U.S. County Marriages -- Ongoing -- Updates to existing collections adding all new records from counties, most of which are online for the first time.
  • More U.S. State Vital Records -- Ongoing -- Updates and new collections of U.S. vital records

Ancestry also has a World Archives Indexing Project with volunteer indexers, so I wondered what was on that list -- see for information about the project.

The list of active projects and helpful articles is at  You will have to "Load more" several times at the bottom of the page.

While has many of the world's records of many sorts, they don't have ALL of the records, so there is an opportunity for Ancestry and other record providers to obtain or license access to records, digitize them, index them, and put them in their record collections.  I can think of many that might be available (depending on state laws), for instance:

*  California Birth records are available through 1995, but not since.  Death records are available to 1997, but not since.  Marriage records are available to 1985 but not since.  

*  Massachusetts Births, Marriages and Deaths (with parents names and birthplaces) are available up to 1915, but not later.  There are birth and death record indexes up to 1970 and 1980 respectively, but they don't provide much information - just the birth or death year, the town and a reference number. The marriage index for 1901-1955 don't provide the other spouse's name, but the ones for 1966-1970 provide the year, spouse's name, town and reference number.  

*  Wisconsin has no statewide Birth Index on Ancestry after 1928, no Deaths between 1907 and 1959, and no marriages between 1907 and 1973.  

What record collections would you like to see on Ancestry or other record providers? 


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Linda Stufflebean said...

Not exactly records, but the Calais Advertiser newspaper from Calais, Maine that has been publishing since 1836. I've been waiting for years!