Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Carringers in the News -- 1943 Birth Announcement of Randall Jeffrey Seaver

 It's time for another edition of "Carringers in the News" - a weekly feature from the historical newspapers about persons with the surname Carringer (my mother's maiden surname) that are interesting, useful, mysterious, fun, macabre, or add information to my family tree database.

This week's entry is from the San Diego [Calif.] Union newspaper dated 28 October 1943:

The transcription of the article is:

Frederick Seaver and Mrs. Seaver (Betty Carringer) announce the birth of a son, Randall Jeffrey, Saturday at Paradise Valley sanitarium.  Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Carringer of San Diego, and Mrs. D.W. Seaver of Northampton, Mass."

The source citation is:

"It's a Boy," San Diego [Calif.] Union newspaper, Thursday, 28 October 1943, page 12, column 3, Randall Jeffrey Seaver birth notice;   GenealogyBank, Newspaper Archives   (https://www.genealogybank.com : accessed 17 January 2022).

I had to search for [carringer marriage] in California between 1940 and 1950 to find this for some reason.  A search for [randall carringer] or [randall seaver] in California between 1940 and 1950 did not find it in a search on GenealogyBank.  It kind of makes you wonder how accurate a name search is in newspapers.  

Yes, that is your humble scribe's birth announcement in the San Diego newspaper five days after my birth in the Paradise Valley sanitarium (really a hospital at the time - my mother wasn't mentally ill) in National City.  My parents lived in Chula Vista at the time, and my Carringer grandparents and great-grandparents lived in San Diego. 

There are hundreds of Carringer "stories" in my family tree - and this was one of them. Life happens, accidentally and intentionally, and sometimes a newspaper article provides more detail about your very close family.  I am glad that I can honor, well, me(!) today.

You never know when a descendant or relative will find this blog post and learn something about their ancestors or relatives, or will provide more information about them to me.


Disclosure: I have a paid subscription to GenealogyBank.com and have used it extensively to find articles about my ancestral and one-name families.

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Susie Q said...

I recognized it was YOUR birth announcement before you confirmed it. Interesting about the name thing. I like newspapers for stories and information.