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Findmypast Friday: New British Crime Records and Newspapers

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Search 1921 crime records this Findmypast Friday

Police Gazette, 1921

Spanning the entire year of 1921, the 1921 Police Gazette comprises 152 issues, with 12 or 13 issues being published each calendar month.

Part of Findmypast’s extensive collection of criminal and prison registers, the Police Gazette has a long history, dating as far back as 1772 and taking various aliases. Most famously named Hue and Cry, its purpose was relatively self-explanatory: advertise for wanted criminals across the UK police forces to enable them to catch, convict, and bring to justice the crooks of 1921.

With the 1921 Census being delayed until June of that year, the Police Gazette records wanted criminals on either side of the census date, meaning perhaps that some of its wanted criminals can be found within the returns of the census. Crooks being crooks, however, they often went by multiple aliases, or were on the run from the law, making them more difficult to spot.

This publication has a unique collection of portraits for certain criminals, such as the one above, as well as detailed physical descriptions. It also includes notes, scribbled in red pen, by the police in 1921.

Don't immediately panic if you find your ancestor within these pages, however: it is not simply hardened criminals that the 1921 Police Gazette records. This publication also included notes about apprehensions of crooks across the UK, and publicised crimes that were reported by citizens, such as thefts and break-ins.


There are five brand new titles this week - three from England, and two from Ireland - and an incredible 72 updated newspapers from all four corners of the UK. Here's the full list.

New titles:
Updated titles:

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