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RootsTech 2022 Helps Millions Make New Family Connections

 I received this information from FamilySearch today:


RootsTech 2022 Helps Millions Make New Family Connections

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (14 March 2022)— RootsTech 2022, FamilySearch’s global celebration of family and connection, is an annual premier that showcases new, live, and free on-demand content available to view throughout the year at The opening weekend of the popular annual premier attracts millions of participants from hundreds of countries and territories seeking to make new family, cultural, and heritage connections. Start your discoveries today at

Participants of the RootsTech 2022 opening weekend came from around the world looking to learn something new about their family, make new connections, and create personal playlists of content they might want to watch and share. The premier showcased inspirational, fun, and informative free content that is now available on demand at, featuring main stage presentations (including keynotes from all over the world) and other content to help you discover your family and connect.

RootsTech 2022 Premier Quick Facts

The RootsTech 2022 premier opening weekend provided a mere taste of the rich new content meant to be freely enjoyed throughout the entire year at This year’s premier introduced over 1,500 sessions in more than 30 languages covering 185 topics. It hosted millions of participants through online, broadcast, and other channels from 227 countries and territories. Millions more are anticipated throughout the year.

Connection Activities

Premier participants are making millions of personal family connections through a fun interactive experience called Relatives at RootsTech, where individuals can see how they are related to friends on social media or other participants, anywhere in the world. If you missed this opening weekend excitement, it’s not too late. This experience will be available through March 25, 2022.
Connect with new relatives and friends in the interactive Relatives at RootsTech experience.
See if you’re related to Queen Victoria, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Benito Juarez, Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Matthew Modine, Thais Pacholek, Walt Disney, and more.

RootsTech 2022 Theme #Choose Connection

RootsTech 2022 is focusing on the theme of “Choose Connection,” which refers to the multitude of ways individuals worldwide go about connecting with family, friends, heritage, culture, and community in ways that draw us closer to one another.

A diverse lineup of RootsTech 2022 keynote speakers from around the world share personal and family stories and the impact on their lives. A celebrity baker, comedian, actor, actress, Grammy singer, boxer, CEO, and Food Network show host all get personal as they share how they connect with family, and how family and heritage connect with who they are today.

FamilySearch President and CEO, Steve Rockwood, said RootsTech by FamilySearch is the world’s largest family celebration event or family reunion, of sorts, and reflects on the need of people worldwide to belong to something bigger than themselves. “As we connect with others, our common ancestors and homelands, strangers can become our close friends and cousins of tomorrow. This type of connection is especially important at this time when so much division is being thrust upon us,” said Rockwood.

In his opening weekend address, Rockwood encouraged individuals to share and connect what they know by contributing that knowledge to the FamilySearch Family Tree of humanity, even if it’s just one name, one story, one photo, or a full family tree. “As your story connects to my story and then to millions of others, the family tree of humanity will transcend the walls that divide us, with bridges of familial connection that bind us. Isn’t that what we all want, to belong to something bigger than ourselves?” added Rockwood.

Family Discovery Day 2022

Elder Ulisses Soares, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife, Sister Rosana Soares, were the keynote speakers at Family Discovery Day 2022. They speak from their hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Elder Soares said, “Family History isn’t all about the distant past. You can look to your own recent experiences and stories as it unfolds right in the present.” He suggested even establishing your own traditions, combining your past and present makes you uniquely you.

Sample RootsTech 2022 Opening Weekend Quotes
  • “This experience was amazing. Already I am finding family. I love it.” ~Nassau, Bahamas
  • “I am blown away by this cousin mapping. I am stunned to realize I am connected to the world so very much. Thank you. Even in Ukraine. My eyes are opened.” ~Name Withheld, Ukraine
  • “I loved the fact that I was able to appreciate my grandmother’s story from a different perspective. It makes me feel closer to her and feel like I know her more.” ~M. Moreno, Argentina
  • “Fantastic to know some of my relatives that I don't even know. Thanks to the RootsTech program.” ~Auckland, New Zealand
  • “It was amazing! It was my first year attending, and it was so interesting and engaging.” ~A. Ahn, USA
RootsTech 2022 Innovation Highlights

An exciting element of the RootsTech premier is the introduction of new or emerging technologies in the family and genealogy industry. You can learn more about the latest innovations in the Innovators Portal 2022. Or check out what’s new with companies like Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilySearch and FamilyTreeDNA.

Get Involved and the 1950 United States Census

FamilySearch introduced its new online volunteer experience, Get Involved. Coupled with FamilySearch’s new artificial intelligence-based handwriting recognition technology, online volunteers can now make more of the world’s historical genealogical records available and searchable more quickly than ever before.

The much-anticipated 1950 U.S. Census will be available the first week of April, 2022 for volunteers to begin reviewing through the new Get Involved feature. The 1950 U.S. census project will involve the combined efforts of Ancestry and FamilySearch. (Read more here.)

Plans for the RootsTech 2023 Premier

RootsTech planners are already looking ahead at how to make 2023 content and experiences even more meaningful. Jen Allen, manager of RootsTech, said organizers have already begun to scour the globe, seeking out the most compelling stories, the most informative and relevant session content, and the newest innovations to help inspire and enable participants to discover themselves and their family history.

“Connection is at the heart of RootsTech, and today, the need to connect is more necessary than ever. Connection to family—past, present and future—brings a sense of belonging that is meaningful and long-lasting,” concluded Allen.

RootsTech 2022 content can be enjoyed all year long. Create a personal watch list, and view over 1,500 on-demand videos anytime at


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