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Census Sunday -- 1950 Census Record for the Irving Braithwaite Household in Leominster, Massachusetts

 The 1950 United States Census record for the family of my paternal aunt, Marion Braithwaite was found in Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts, ED 14-246, Sheet #14 (taken 14 April 1950), residing at 90 Main Street, Apartment 3:

The Braithwaite household is in lines 28 to 30:

The information entered for each person in this household is:

*  Line 28 - 90 Main Street, Apartment 3, dwelling #165, not a farm, not on 3+ acres

**  Line 28- Irving W. Braithwaite, head of household, white, male, age 47, married, born Canada, naturalized, worked, worked 45 hours last week, a proprietor, in a wood-working shop, O[owns business]

**  Line 29 - Marion F. Braithwaite, Wife, white, female, age 48, married, born Massachusetts, worked, worked 35 hours last week, a secretary, in city public school system, G[overnment]; father born USA, mother born US, 2 years of college, finished the grade, did not attend school since February, worked 52 weeks last year, earned $2400 last year, received $100 from interest, dividends, rent, pensions, other income last year.

**  Line 30 - Nancy E. Braithwaite, daughter, white, female, age 17, never married, born Massachusetts, OT[her work], did no work last week, not looking for work, has no job

The source citation for this family is:

1950 U.S. Federal Census, Worcester County, Massachusetts, Leominster, ED 14-246, Sheet 14, Household 165, Lines 28-30, resided 90 Main Street, Apartment 3, Irving W. Braithwaite  household; indexed database with record images, U.S., National Archives, 1950 Census  ( : accessed 1 April 2022).

Marion Frances Braithwaite (1901-2000) was my father's sister, the first child and daughter of Frederick Walton and Alma Bessie (Richmond) Seaver.  She married Irving Wilbur Braithwaite (1902-1966) in 1928 in Leominster, Massachusetts.  In the 1950 census, they had their only child.


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