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Amanuensis Monday -- 1828 Petition for Administration of Intestate Estate of Susanna Seaver (1754-1828) of Newton, Massachusetts

This week's document for transcription is from the 1828 Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Court estate papers for the intestate estate of Susanna Seaver (1754-1828) of Newton, Massachusetts.

a)  Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Court Records - Case File 20071, image 2 of 19:

b)  Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Court Records - Case File 20071, image 3 of 19:

The transcription of these pages is:

To the Hon. Samuel P.P. Fay, Esq., 
Judge of Probate within & for the County
of Middlesex.

The petition of the Subscribers
respectfully represents, that Susanna Seaver
late of Newton in the County of Middlesex,
single woman, recently died, intestate, leaving
property necessary to be administered according
to Law.  That her nearest relations are
Nathaniel S. Warren of Grenup in the
state of Kentucky, Trader, Edward Seaver
of Boston in the County of Suffolk, non compos mentis, who are her
nephews, and the undersigned, Susanna Trevett,
wife of robert W. Trevett of Lynn in the County
of Essex, Esquire, and Ann B. Jenney, wife of
Isaac Jenney of Boston in the County of Suffolk,
merchant, who are nieces of said deceased.

Wherefore your petitioners pray that
letters of administration on the estate of said
Susanna Seaver, deceased, be granted to the said 
Robert W. Trevett.

May 20'th 1828                           Susanna Trevett
                                                    Robert W. Trevett
                                                    Ann B. Jenney
                                                    Isaac Jenney

The source citation for this probate record is:

Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Probate case files, Case file 20071 (19 images), Susanna Seaver of Newton, 1828; "Middlesex County (Massachusetts) Probate File Papers, 1648-1871," digital images, New England Historical and Genealogical Society, American Ancestors  ( accessed 12 June 2022).

The estate file for the intestate probate of Susanna Seaver (1754-1828) contains 19 pages, including:

*  The petition of Robert W. Trevett on 20 May 1828 requesting administration of the estate
*  Administration granted to Robert W. Trevett on 20 May 1828 by probate court
*  Robert W. Trevett, Isaac Jenney and Samuel Jenney post $1500 bond on 20 May 1828
*  Robert W. Trevett posted notice in the newspaper for credits and benefits for the estate on 12 August 1828
*  Probate Judge requested William J. Whipple, Abraham Edwards and Francis Winship to appraise the estate on 6 June 1828
*  Inventory filed by Whipple, Edwards and Winship on 9 June 1828, personal property totaled $116.88.
*  Petition of Robert W. Trevett to sell personal estate, approved by Probate Court on 12 August 1828
*  Account of Robert W. Trevett who charged himself with the personal estate, received cash of $383.26, and requested expenses of $177.98, resulting in $322.16 to be distributed to the heirs.  Approved by the Court on 18 August 1829.
*  A list of the items sold at the estate sale
*  The distribution of the estate to the four heirs-at-law.  They each received $80.

Susanna Seaver (1754-1828) was the daughter of Nathaniel Seaver (1797-1768) and his third wife, Sarah Stevens (c1725-????).  The other children of Nathaniel and Sarah (Stevens) Seaver were:

*  Nathaniel Seaver (1748-1792), married 1775 Susanna White (1756-1832).  They had seven children, but the only one living in 1828 was Edward W. Seaver (1785-1864), who was one of the heirs above.
*  Mary Seaver (1750-1776), married David Ockington (1748-1822).  They had two children who died before 1828.
*  Elizabeth Seaver (1752-1803), married 1775 Jonathan Warner (1745-1821).  They had four children:

**  Susanna Warner (1779-1848), married 1813 Robert W. Trevett (1787-1842).  Susanna was one of the heirs-at-law to the Susanna Seaver estate.
**  Nathaniel Samuel Warner (1790-1850), married Hannah Walker (1800-1879.  Nathaniel was one of the heirs-at-law.
**  Ann Boynton Warner (1796-1832), married 1818 Isaac Jenney (1787-1831.  Ann was one of the heirs-at-law.

Susanna Seaver (1754-1828) was my 3rd cousin 7 times removed, with our common Seaver ancestor being Robert Seaver (1608-1683) of Roxbury, Massachusetts.  


NOTE: Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday." John offers this definition for "amanuensis:"

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Read other transcriptions for records of my ancestors at Amanuensis Monday Posts.

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