Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Rabbit Holes With Randy - Adding to the WeRemember App on

 On Father's Day, I received an email from saying something like "You can write your father's biography and share memories about him on"  This is an Ancestry feature, but the only link to it on the home page is at the bottom of the page.  I think that this feature is free to use without a subscription.

So I clicked the link and then recalled "I wrote several biographies on WeRemember several years ago."  The WeRemember page looks like this, and in the upper right corner I clicked on the "RS" link in the upper right corner and saw the link for "My Pages."

The screen above has a link to "Get Started" and also to "My Pages."  There are several recent memorials on the page for users to read if they care to.

On the "My Pages" link, I saw that I had made memorials for my parents and my maternal grandparents.  But I didn't have photos for my grandparents:

I did not have an extensive biography for my grandmother, so I clicked to her page to add information to her Biography:

On this page, I can add a memory, or a photograph, or sign the guestbook.

I added the photograph of my grandparents first and wrote a memory of my grandmother:

Then I went back and improved her biography:

The photo I added does not appear yet on the profile for some reason.  I clicked on the "EA" photo placeholder and could add a photograph, and a memory, so I did. Here is Emily's memorial page with the new photograph:

I tried to upload more photographs in a memory, but that did not work out for some reason.  Perhaps it takes more than one or two days to get into the WeRemember page.  Or I made a mistake. 

I added the Marine photograph to Lyle Lawrence Carringer memorial page.  I also added 12 photographs to my mother's memorial.

I sent the link to Emily's memorial page to my daughters and brothers - I hope they check it out and add more memories to the memorial page.

This was not a deep rabbit hole this week, but I thought that my fellow genealogy rabbits might enjoy reading about my family members, and maybe they will feel the need to create memorials for their family members.  It's time for my snack - I got a new stash of carrots last weekend!


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Marian B. Wood said...

I wrote a "WeRemember" bio of an ancestor a couple of years ago, then decided to focus on posting bios on FindaGrave, FamilySearch, and other sites to reach a wider audience. Of course any bio I write for an ancestor can be cross-posted on all sites, so maybe I'll go back and look for the WeRemember links too.