Monday, June 20, 2022

Genealogy Pot-Pourri - Week Ending 20 June 2022

As many readers know, I went in for an angiogram on 26 May, and had a quadruple coronary artery bypass graft operation on 30 May.  I came home the night of 7 June, so I've missed four weeks of reporting on my genealogy work, but I haven't stopped!  I missed some weeks for certain themes, and I'm gradually finding the time to write more.

 Here are the highlights of my family history and genealogy related activities over the past four weeks.  

1)  Moderated the CVGS monthly program on Zoom with Sara Cochran speaking on "From a Box in the Closet to a Treasured Family Heirloom” on 25 May.

2)  Watched several YouTube videos and also a Family Tree Webinar - Using DNA To Solve Interlinked Mysteries by Michelle Leonard.  

5)  After getting home from the hospital, I made a GEDCOM for descendants of 4th great-grandfather John Kemp (1768-1864) and uploaded it to WikiTree.  I have now accepted or rejected suggestions for matching individuals in WikiTree, or added profiles not in WikiTree, for the 1081 persons in the GEDCOM file but I have not yet added those profiles to WikiTree.  I wrote Rabbit Holes With Randy -- Six Degrees of Randy Seaver From WikiTree before I started this process.

6) AncestryDNA now has 40,362 DNA matches (up 253 from 23 May) for me today, with no new ThruLines. MyHeritageDNA now has 10,458 DNA matches (up 58 from 23 May) for me, with no new Theories. Reviewed the new DNA matches on AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, FamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe. Researched and added notes for 3 AncestryDNA matches and added no new ThruLines to RootsMagic.  

7)  There was one session working in the RootsMagic software program to match with and update FamilySearch Family Tree profiles for Seaver families and my ancestral families, with occasional additions to the RootsMagic profiles. I have matched 48,066 of my RootsMagic persons with FamilySearch Family Tree profiles (up 32).

8) Used Web Hints and Record Matches from Ancestry, MyHeritage, Findmypast and FamilySearch to add content and source citations to my RootsMagic profiles. I now have 69,652 persons in my RootsMagic file (up 27 from 23 May), and 145,024 source citations (up 67). I TreeShared 30 new or modified profiles with my Ancestry Member Tree, and I resolved 935  Ancestry Hints. My current Ancestry Member Tree has Ancestry Record Hints with 25,610 to be resolved, but I work on them several times a week. 

9) Wrote 12 Genea-Musings blog posts last week (Sunday through Saturday), of which two were a press release. The most viewed post last week was  
Guest Post: Old Stone Tag: Preserving History and Securing Memories with over 492 views.

9)  This is week 119 since COVID restrictions.  Since I've been home, I have had nurses visit me five times and physical therapy three times, and these visits will continue. Linda is at a memory care and skilled nursing facility in Chula Vista 7 miles from home and I visited her five times since I've been home.  Daughter Tami came down once, and daughter Lori was here over this past weekend to help me with shopping, food preparation, decluttering, and a haircut.  I am still really tired every day, take at least two naps each day, and try to walk for 30 minutes every day on the block.  I watched the Padres games every day but one (surgery day) and we are now 41-27 on the season (14-13 the last three weeks, and 4-3 the last week).  I was told to get off the desktop computer and spend more time in my recliner to get my feet off the ground.  I can't drive for another 4-5 weeks, and have upcoming doctor, nurse and therapy appointments.  Friends are helping me go to the doctor appointments and Linda's facility.  


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Grandpa Landmeier said...

You are blessed to have family and friends. Take care good friend.

Diane Gould Hall said...

You are still my hero Randy. I’m amazed by what you accomplish in the midst of major surgery and recovery. Be well and continue to heal my friend.

Marian B. Wood said...

So happy to see you're regaining your strength and momentum! And BTW, I really enjoyed Sara Cochran's "from box to heirloom" series of talks at RootsTech2922.