Tuesday, June 28, 2022

RootsMagic Family Tree Software Updated to Version 8.2.0

 RootsMagic announced on  Monday on Facebook that the RootsMagic family tree software has been updated to Version 8.2.0 from Version 8.1.8.

The RootsMagic Update (8.2.0) changes include:

  • New: CountyCheck (when editing facts... option in Settings)
  • New: CountyCheck Explorer (Place page menu)
  • New: RootsMagic To-Go (Files page)
  • New: Shareable Drive (Publish page)
  • Fixed: Task folders couldn't be selected to Edit or Delete
  • Fixed: Adding or editing a source / citation starts with cursor in edit field
  • Fixed: Enabled text copy from FS update screen
  • Fixed: Using Task Folder search box could cause crash
  • Fixed: Splitter on some screens weren't working right
  • Fixed: Merging duplicates didn't update sidebar index list
  • New: Added new LDS temples
  • Fixed: Numerous Ancestry issues
  • Fixed: Numerous FamilySearch issues
  • Fixed: Add Child, Spouse, or Parent screen didn't display children in the display panel
  • Fixed: Sort date wasn't updating in some rare editing situations
  • Fixed: Issues with lists not retaining current selection after editing, etc
  • Fixed: Search box now works on "Unused places" list
  • Fixed: Unused places didn't sort properly in "reverse places" mode
  • Fixed: Search > Person search would crash if cleared and searched a second time
  • Fixed: Styles and fonts are saved after running a report
  • Fixed: Family facts were printing twice on Who Was There report
  • Fixed: Sped up Who was There report
  • Fixed: FGS was showing fact descriptions and alternate names in the Place Index
  • Fixed: Marriage note was printing twice on individual summary report
  • Fixed: FGS was not showing description field for some family facts
  • Fixed: Task List report now can include people, families, addresses, and repositories
  • Fixed: Information box in sidebar was displaying age for facts after death
  • New: Added AutoSearch for WebSearch
  • Fixed: Various crashing bugs
  • Fixed: Numerous minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues


Disclosure:  I am a dedicated RootsMagic user since about 2006.  I have not received any remuneration or financial benefit from RootsMagic in that time.

Copyright (c) 2022, Randall J. Seaver

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