Thursday, February 9, 2023

Family Tree Maker 2019 Version 24.1 - Free Update

 Are you using Family Tree Maker genealogy software?  Have you updated to the latest version of Family Tree Maker 2019 (Version 24.1)?  This version 24.1 was released in August 2022 as a FREE update to Family Tree Maker 2019.  See information about Version 24.1 on the Software MacKiev website at

I participated in a San Diego Genealogical Society webinar today with Mark Olsen of Family Tree Maker as the presenter.  He did an excellent job reviewing the features and capabilities of Family Tree Maker 2019.  

The new features and improvements in Version 24.1 are listed in

If you have an older version of FTM 2019, you should review the list of new features, changes and improvements in Version 24.1 and upgrade your FTM 2019 software.  

If you have a older version of Family Tree Maker, you can update your software to FTM 2019 at for $79 (US Version, Windows or Mac).  I didn't see discounts for updates from FTM 2017 or earlier versions.

Mark Olsen recommended watching the RootsTech 2022 videos that are on the On-Demand video library here for more information.


Disclosure:  I have been a customer of Family Tree Maker since 1995.  I have received several complimentary copies of the software from Software MacKiev in the past five years.  I have not received a complimentary upgrade to FTM 2019.

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