Thursday, April 13, 2023

Dear Randy: Why Don't I Receive Your Genea-Musings Emails Any More?

Several devoted readers have sent me questions in email like this.  Let me quote one:

"I have been receiving your blog letters for years and at the end of 2022 they stopped. I have tried to sign up again but cannot find a link.  What am I to do. My days are sad without your wonderful news letters!  Please send me a link or tell me how to get back in your good graces."

Dear readers:  Thank you for the nice emails. Unfortunately, I don't have any good news.  My email responses to these readers have included the following:

" Dear reader:  The email feed that I was using (since about 2010) - Feedburner - to distribute my daily posts intentionally stopped working in July 2022.  So that's why you no longer get my daily emails with Genea-Musings blog posts.  

"I have not found a free email system that lets me send daily emails to over 2,000 readers.  That's what I had before Feedburner quit sending them, although I suspect that some (many?) of the email addresses were dormant or unread.   There are several email services that charge money based on the number of email addresses on the list.  I make no money from this blog, and cannot afford $100 or more each month.

"I am still alive and kicking after recovery from my bypass heart surgery in May 2022, and have been writing blog posts - about 16 a week, although my computer time has been reduced significantly.  You can put Genea-Musings ( in your Internet web browser and read my posts any time you want, or in your Bookmark or Favorites in your web browser and click on it when you want.  

"You could use an RSS feed program like Feedly ( to read any number of blogs.  I use Feedly every day to read about 200 genealogy blog posts a day.  It's free, but does have premium features.  By adding the Genea-Musings link (and any other blog links) to Feedly you can click on the Feedly link (I keep the Feedly link in my Bookmarks Bar on Chrome) any time you want and it will show you new posts from your list of links.  

"If you're on Facebook, make me a Friend (and I will reciprocate friendship) and access my FB feed (  I post a link to every post each day on my FB feed.

"If you're using a smart phone or tablet to read internet sites, you can open the web browser and add the web address to it (there is probably a "Favorite" feature on the device's browser).

"Be assured that you are not in my bad graces, and I don't have an easy, and cheap, solution to offer you."

Needless to say, my blog traffic has gone way down since July 2022 - it's about 30% of what it was before Feedburner shut down.

If anyone knows of a good, free, solution similar to Feedburner, I would love to know.  Please write a comment or an email.


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Unknown said...

I subscribe to your blog through Feedly as you suggest to others. It is easy to have all my favorite blogs all in one spot.
Could you increase the traffic on your blog by only having the first paragraph of your article show up on Feedly, so we actually have to go on your blog to be able to read the remainder? I don't know how it works really, but it could be a way to solve the traffic problem. Glad I can read you. Annick H.

Les said...

I do the same as "Unknown" and agree with the suggestion. Quite a few bloggers do that.

Linda Freeto said...

Hi, Randy. I also thought that I had lost your posts, but I contacted you and you told me about Feedly which is where I find many of your posts. I as well, enjoy reading your posts and have learned so much from you over the years. (I also miss Dear Mrytle and the interactions she had with the panel. You were always ready for an answer on that webinar. LOL) Keep writing; you do have many out here reading Genea-Musings.

Linda Freeto, Waco, Texas