Thursday, July 6, 2023

Rabbit Holes With Randy -- Finding My School Stuff! Thank You, Dad!

 I'm still trying to climb out of several other rabbit holes, and now I'm down another one.  Time flies when you're having fun and can't resist temptation.

I continue to work on the save/donate/trash task, and have worked my way to the filing cabinets on the north wall of the genealogy cave.  Before, there were piles of papers and a lot of conference bags preventing getting into the lower drawers of the file cabinets, but I managed to get into two bottom drawers and found:

*  The collection of nondescript silver spoons carefully wrapped up in bundles.  Only some have initials on them.  I wondered where they were!  Who will want them?  

*  Several large Prudential folders (my father was an insurance agent for 25 years) with papers in them, like my baptismal card, my school report cards (3rd to 6th grades, 7th to 9th grades, 10th to 12th grades), my SAT and NMS test results, high school essays and term papers, my college transcript, my first car papers, my first life insurance policy, a portfolio of my elementary school art, some newspaper clippings mentioning my name, etc.  My father was really well organized.  

*  Yearbooks for 1956, 1957 and 1958 for Roosevelt Junior High School in San Diego.  Also my 1961 Gray Castle yearbook plus a 1971 10-year reunion booklet - I think we went to that reunion, but I have no memories of it.

Here is a scan of my San Diego State College transcript, for what it's worth (it's missing the first semester 1965-1966):

My SAT scores you ask (my friend Karen did!)?  Verbal = 582, Math = 722.  [Bragging? I worked hard for those!]

This has been a really fun three days of searching and reading all of this stuff.  Will my daughters and grandchildren even look at all of this?  I guess I could put together a Zoom presentation with all of the report cards and send it to them and save it on FOREVER.  

I have no idea what family history gems wait for me in the second file cabinet, which is blocked by more binders on the floor and a lamp that holds up piles of papers.  Maybe I'll tackle that one next.  

I'm really thankful that my father was so organized.  My guess is he also had separate folders for my two brothers - I wonder if they still have them?

Where are my carrots?  All of this reminiscing and remembering leaves me hungry.  


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Linda Stufflebean said...

What fun! I have all of my school records, back to kindergarten.