Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Second Look at EmulateMe: Creating My Father's Avatar and Audio/Video Chats

 I wrote about making my own avatar and participating in Video and audio chats in First Look at EmulateMe: Creating an AI Avatar and Short Audios/Videos last week.  The post had quite a few views, but very little interaction with readers in blog comments and on Facebook.  

One of the neat things that EmulateMe can do is use a profile on FamilySearch Family Tree to respond to chat questions about a person's life.  EmulateMe also can provide different male and female voices for avatars for which the user does not have a voice sample.

My father, Frederick Walton Seaver, Jr. (1911-1983) is deceased, and I have plenty of photographs, a life story, but no voice sample.  So I used one of the available voice samples, a full-face photograph and the life story to create an Emulation for him.   

The first question I asked my father was:  "Fred, tell me about your family life."

The answer is in the text screen below:

I saved this as a video to my computer so I could show you the answer:

I asked another question:  "Tell me the highlights of your life."

I saved this as an Audio WAV file and embedded it below.  Press the Play button on the screen below:

A "Free" user, with the link to Chat with the avatar, has a limited number of "credits" - 5 text credits, 3 audio credits and 1 video credit.  Each text credit question, with an answer, costs one credit, but audio and video credits depend on the length of the emulation.  

The video emulation of my father above cost 3 credits (for 33 seconds of emulation), but the audio emulation above cost me 6 credits (74 seconds of emulation). A video emulation would have cost me 6 credits also.

You can read questions and answers about EmulateMe in the FAQs on the home page -

I am told that EmulateMe will have a demonstration booth and display at RootsTech 2024 (29 February to 2 March - register at  They are also in the Innovation and Tech Forum.  I look forward to virtually visiting (FREE!) their Exhibit Hall booth, and to hear about their reception with the genealogy community.  

What do you think?  Is this something that you would consider doing so you can pass on your image and voice and memories to your friends and family?  


DISCLOSURE:  I have been using free credits offered me by EmulateMe in order to learn about their product and to demonstrate how to use it.  I have not subscribed to EmulateMe yet but I am considering it. 

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