Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is TV ready for Reality Genealogy?

Chris Dunham at The Genealogue has been my favorite blogger for many months now. I appreciate and envy his wit and humor.

He just outdid himself with a Genealogue Exclusive. You have to read this!

My own vision of a Genealogy TV show is "Desperate Genealogists" where the sexy ladies on Wisteria Lane compete with each other to find the male with the best pedigree (hmm, related to the Queen, descended from Washington or Jefferson, or maybe fathered the most children through a sperm bank), or conspire with each other to hang a loser (maybe with a horse thief or a black sheep in his ancestry) on one of their "friends." There are plenty of potential episodes in this show idea, eh? Maybe they'll even romance the librarian in the process (Ken A, that was for you!).

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