Sunday, April 30, 2006

Census Whacking #1

The Genealogue introduced us to Census Whacking in 2005. From what I was able to gather, the present formulation of it is to find unique or interesting Surnames, Given Names, Birthplaces or Occupations in the Census Records. This has become specialized to find census listings of famous people, fake or wrong census listings, or duplicate census records for individuals and families.

I tend to favor the unique combination of given names and surnames, to wit:

o Osman Nervous – 1920, St. Louis MO

o Chip Buffalo – 1900, Raymond NE

o Julia Happiness – 1920, Story County, IA

o J.H. Wonderful - 1910, Chicago IL

o Tiger Tadpole – 1900, Cherokee Indian Territory

o Harry Bald – 1920, Spokane WA

o Peter Fuzzy – 1910, El Paso TX

o Frog Super – 1920, Greenville SC

o Evil Blessing – 1900, Middleton OH

o Lullaby Lee – 1920, Choctaw, OK

o Charles Cuckoo – 1900, Florida, NY

o Jean B. Stupid – 1870, Vermillion, LA

o Usano Miserable – 1900, New York City, NY

And those are the clean ones! You wouldn't believe what you can find using George Carlin's seven magic words.

Have you found "unique" names in the census? Tell me what, when and where.

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Chris said...

I'll bet Chip Buffalo hated those "last name first, first name last" situations.