Sunday, April 23, 2006

Genealogy Blogs

I get nearly all of my genealogy "news" daily from a number of well written blogs, rather than from magazines or emails.

The ones I read daily include:

Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy News blog is absolutely necessary to stay informed about the world of genealogy. He has several posts daily.

Genealogy Blog is a news oriented blog with several posts daily.

Random Genealogy is another general news blog, with daily posts.

The Genealogue provides a daily dose of humor and irony - Chris Dunham does a nice job with it. He has genealogy top ten lists, a wry view of stories not on the front page of your newspaper, and a number of other unique pages. He even linked to my blog before it was well known .

Genealogy Education is Ken Aitken's blog for genealogy educators, librarians, program planners and speakers. I enjoy Ken's expertise and he stimulates thinking on my part, and I usually can't help myself from responding to his questions!

The 24/7 Family History Circle blog is Juliana Smith's successor to her Ancestry Daily News email. In addition to the usual articles and columns by Ancestry regulars, she has book and movie reviews and a photo corner, all submitted by readers.

George G. Morgan's blog provides his "Along Those Lines" articles. George has written many articles for Ancestry over the years.

Michael John Neill's blog provides links to some of his Ancestry articles and also a regular census lookup challenge.

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak's blog provides news and her thoughts on genealogy issues, and links to her Honoring Our Ancestors and Genetic Genealogy web pages.

Those are the blogs I read regularly to get my daily dose of genealogy news, humor and information.

Can you recommend more genealogy blogs? Tell me!


Anonymous said...

Legacy News at is also a great blog. Most of the articles are about general genealogy news, and about once a week there is a good article about how to use a certain feature in the Legacy software.

Randy Seaver said...


Please do return again and again (BG). Hopefully, there will be items of interest to you.

Anonymous - thank you for the link to the Legacy blog site. It looks like a winner.

Cheers -- Randy

Anonymous said...

cg7Ugs The best blog you have!