Monday, April 24, 2006

Articles on Genealogy Research

When you have a puzzling research problem, where do you try to find answers or help? One place I look is in the online treasure trove of articles at the following web sites:

1) Ancestry has over 11,000 research articles in their ancesatry Library - and access to them is free. You can print them out or download and save them.

2) has a library of over 100 articles, plus free online classes in Getting Started, Internet Genealogy and Tracing Immigrant Origins.

3) Rootsweb has research guides on general topics and on specific countries or ethnic groups. In addition, there are Rootsweb Review archives for the popular weekly newsletter.

4) LDS FamilySearch has research guides for each state and many countries that tell you what information is available in traditional research (on site or in books, microfilm or microfiche) or in online databases.

5) The genealogy page at has many helpful research articles (on the left hand edge of the web page).

6) The Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) has a number of excellent articles on their Skillbuilding web page.

I'm sure I've missed some - if you can recommend other sites, please let me know!

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