Monday, April 24, 2006

What Were Their Parents Thinking?

Everybody has a name. Most are innocuous, some are peculiar or even funny. I have gathered a few "good ones" from my incessant web searches and some censuswhacking (see this for a definition, some examples and links to other pages) and datawhacking on Rootsweb.

Here is part of my name collection (from many sources):

Royal Blood
Sweet Justice
Freke Dorothy Fluck Lane
Desire Ye Truth Thorne
Boadicea Basher
Be Joyful Tyler
Philadelphia Bunnyface
Africa, Asia, America and Europe Hamlin (Hannibal Hamlin’s children)
Faithful Cock
Fertelize Newport
Susan Booze
Flee Fornication White
Elizabeth Disco
Hatevil Nutter
Edward Evil
Cucumber Pickle
Girly Beard
Fanny Poker
Ima Lovely
Virgin Rolling
May January
Cupid Handsome
Zany Dummy
Victoria B. Home
Preserved Fish
Hyman Spanker

These are the clean ones! As you can imagine, there are plenty of risque ones in the records. I'll post some more from my censuswhacking and datawhacking experiences some time soon.

In the mean time, can you add to my collection? What are the strangest or funniest names you've found?

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