Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Southeastern Massachusetts Cemeteries

Dale Cook posted the following on the GenMassachusetts mailing list today:

One of the standard reference works on Massachusetts cemeteries is available online - Charles M. Thatcher, "Old Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts" (Middleborough, MA: Middleborough Public Library, 1995) Thanks to the Library this book is downloadable or viewable as a large (> 24 meg) PDF file. It contains over 16,000 transcriptions of gravestones up to the mid-1800s, from 214 cemeteries located in 15 Plymouth and Bristol County towns.

Southeastern Massachusetts Old Cemeteries

This is a 24 mb PDF file (use Adobe Acrobat Reader) and downloads very slowly, but if you have folks buried in Bristol or Plymouth Counties, it may be quite useful. You can save it to your hard drive for faster or future reference.

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