Saturday, May 6, 2006

Welcome to Genea-Musings

Welcome to Genea-Musings, the revamped blog of Randy Seaver, an obscure and fun-loving genealogist with thousands of dead ancestors and some free time to learn about their lives.

Actually, it's the same blog, with a different name. "Randy's Musings" sounded so generic and had evolved into, well Randy's Genealogy Musings. Over three weeks, I lopped off politics, religion, current events, science, and engineering from my list of blogging topics, mainly due to lack of time to write about them.

My major free-time interest is genealogy and family history, so Genea-Musings will focus on those topics, which will include my own family pictures and stories. I can't resist adding some genealogy humor from time to time, because, for me, Genealogy is FUN!

The name Genea-Musings is based on Genealogy combined with Musings (meaning deep thoughts, yeah, right!), with a touch of humor (it could have been Gene-Amusings, eh?). It came to me in the shower this morning - by the time my wife yelled at me that I had used all the hot water while I was working it out, I had it! I still don't remember if I washed my hair (I know...what hair!).

I can only rename the whole blog, so the URL will still be I could start a new blog, of course, but then I would lose or have to move what I already have on this blog.

Tell me what you think - please! Comments on any genealogy or family topic is welcomed.


Joe said...

Hey Randy,
I can't remember if I've told you this before, but I have your blog listed in my Directory of Cool Genealogy Blogs - I managed to get in your name change, while still keeping you in the R section. There are already too many G's anyway :)

Randy Seaver said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the listing with the name change. I appreciate it.

I still like your blog and web sites!

Cheers -- Randy

Anonymous said...

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