Saturday, June 10, 2006

HeritageQuestOnline access

ProQuest recently announced that they would not renew the contract permitting in-home remote access through genealogical and historical societies to the HeritageQuestOnline (HQO) databases. Apparently, too many people were accessing the HQO databases through their society memberships. Access through the societies will continue until the individual society's current contract expires.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can still access the HQO databases with at-home remote access through a library that subscribes to the HQO databases. You can also access the HQO databases while at a subscribing library, genealogical society or historical society.

The full story was provided by Richard Eastman here.

There are many state and local libraries that currently provide in-home remote access through a library card. The Eastman article lists a number of State libraries that can provide access. He also refers readers to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy artcile on HeritageQuestOnline here, which has a list of the known libraries with in-home remote access.

If you are accessing the HQO databases through a genealogical or historical society, then my advice is to find a state or local library that subscribes to the HQO databases and obtain a library card. In many locales, the cards are free.

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