Friday, June 9, 2006

An interesting map site

I've used Yahoo! maps and Mapquest for my mapping needs for some time. While I was aware of the GNIS mapping tool for the US, I only used it once or twice.

Now, there is a Mapping tool that combines the traditional street mapping with the view from space - at least for the USA. It is at

When you get to the site, you have a map of the USA. You have to double-click within the map twice to center it on the place you want to view. Then you can use the zoom feature in the upper left corner to get better magnification, right down to the city block level. You can center the map anytime by double-clicking on the map at the place you want to view.

The really neat thing is the "Satellite" button in the upper right hand corner. If you click on that at any time, you can see the view from space. If you click on the "Hybrid" button, you get the view from space with street names. The Satellite and Hybrid views only work in the US, however.

If you want to Print a map, you might want to go to [File] [Page Setup] (on Windows computers) and check the "Landscape" option. Then do a [File][Print Preview] to make sure you are getting everything you want, then [File] [Print] to get the print.

There appear to be street maps for Canada, England and Japan, but not much more at this time. The Satellite view is only of the USA.

A useful site! Enjoy.

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