Sunday, June 4, 2006

Linkpendium has many genealogy links

Have you searched for your surname(s) or ancestral localities on Linkpendium yet? You might want to...

For a US locality search, click on the State and then the County of interest. I wondered what I could find for Windham County, connecticut, so I ended up here. There are 417 links for the County on this page! I decided to look for maps to try to find my Oatley and White ancestral homes in the late 1800's. There are 46 map links, including some for 1845, 1855, 1945, etc. I found J. Oatley's home location in 1855.

But Linkpendium localities have more than maps - they have categories of Biographies, Cemeteries, Census, Church, Directories, Estates, History, Immigration, Libraries, Mailing Lists, Maps, Military, Miscellaneous, Newspaper, Obituaries, Photographs, Projects, Societies, Surnames and Vital Records. Some counties will have more of one than the other, but the total Locality section has an amazing number of links.

When you were back on the Linkpendium main page, you could have clicked on the Surnames link, which has over 4 million links in the database. On the Surname page, you can select one of the letters of the alphabet (I chose "O" for Oatley) - note that they include several European "special character" letters also. Then in the "O" list, I chose the link to surnames starting with "Oat" and found 16 links for the Oatley surname. Clicking on these links takes you to web pages (some are commercial sites like Ancestry) that have data on the Oatley surname.

Someone has put a lot of effort into this web site, and continues to do so, with additions weekly.

I have Linkpendium on my Favorites list, do you?

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