Thursday, June 8, 2006

My Padres - 60 game report card

It's not genealogy...but it's my team. I'm sure you understand.

After 60 games, My Padres stand at 31 wins, 29 losses, 3 games behind the Snakes mired in 4th place in the NL West. They have won 15 and lost 16 at home, and won 16 and lost 13 on the road. Mediocre. Average. Frustrating.

The team treaded water in this 10 game segment, going 5 and 5, winning 3 of 7 on the road to Pittsburgh and Milwaukee, after going 2 and 1 against the Rockies at home. In these 10 games, the Pads scored 29 runs and gave up 32 runs. Yawn...if only they could score more.

The report card for the season to date is:

1) Starting pitching -- C+ (Peavy is hurting, Park, Hensley, and Thompson are inconsistent, and Chris Young has been fabulous the last two starts (3 hits in 14 innings)).

2) Relief pitching -- B- (Hoffman was perfect in saves until today, Cassidy, Sweeney, Linebrink, and Adkins have been pretty good, and Embree has been inconsistent).

3) Speed -- B- (Roberts, Young, Cameron, and Greene have stolen some bases, the old guys are slow...)

4) Defense -- B (infield is solid, outfield is too, at top of NL in fielding average. Bochy uses late inning replacements at catcher)

5) Hitting -- C- (15th in the league in average, l4th in homers, has games when they disappear for long stretches, sometimes puts together big innings. Inconsistent!).

My dad always said that Pitching, Speed, Defense and Power wins games, in that order. He was right.

For the year, my overall grade is C+ (they do have a winning record! and are contending for the NL west lead).

That's it - into the Archives, and back to genealogy!

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