Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Shopping for the Genealogist who has everything

I thoguht I would do a little comparison shopping so that I could recommend genealogy items to my wife and family for my birthday and for Christmas (I'm tired of getting books, socks, and ties, I want something funny and unique!). And maybe I can find something for Angel Linda too.

The site Fun Stuff for Genealogists has a wide variety of gifts for the discerning genealogist. I like their bumper stickers, the Angel ornament (my wife collects angel stuff), and the Privacy doorknob hanger that says "I'm not Stuck, I'm Ancestrally Challenged." However, the T-shirt offerings are kind of bland.

I found that the Jolene's Trailer Park web site has a "Sexy Genealogist" T-shirt for sale. What else would you expect from a site like that? I would buy that in an instant if I could get a picture in the middle of it to spice it up. Of who, you ask?

Then I found JMK's Genealogy Gifts with a wide variety of interesting shirts and gifts. My two favorites are:

1) The Viking T-shirt, with a Viking ship and speech bubbles that say:
Speech bubble 1: Right men, before the pillaging and plundering remember to visit the local library and copy the BMD’s. If you are not sure about a surname then ask the librarian. There is nothing worse than shoddy transcriptions!.....any questions?

Speech bubble 2: Eric, and his bloody family tree again!

2) The "Genealogy is a Lot Like Sex" T-shirt, which says:
Genealogy is like sex...
You think about it most of the time.
You’re always anticipating the next time you can do it.
Your partner hangs around looking bored until you're finished.
You become irritable if you go too long without doing it.

There is also one for my wife - the "Genealogy Spouse" T-shirt which says:
If you see my husband, please tell him I'm ready to go home.

Do you think I should get her the apron, the tote bag, the regular shirt, a baby doll shirt, the tank top, or a hoodie? I wish they made sleep shirts with these designs.

OK, her birthday is taken care of. Boy, will she be surprised! Don't tell her! Now to find the perfect Christmas gift. Shopping online is fun.


JMK said...

Hi Randy,

We are delighted that you found something you like at our store! We thought you might like to consider our latest design for your wife :)

God Help Me! I'm married to a genealogist.

Anonymous said...

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